Tips to get more calories

  1. Tips to get more calories

    I can't seem to get enough calories. I'm at about 3,500-4,000 but want to up it. Any tips to get more easy calories? I was thinking of taking a couple shots of olive oil a day.

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    I can't seem to get enough calories. I'm at about 3,500-4,000 but want to up it. Any tips to get more easy calories? I was thinking of taking a couple shots of olive oil a day.
    Olive oil is an easy one for sure. It also depends on your macros, I would opt to add in extra carbs if your protein and fat are at a good balance, but olive oil is a solid option.

    What does your current diet look like?
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  3. Right now it's usually:

    5:30am fasted cardio

    7:30am-6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, pack of oatmeal

    9:00am- 2 beef patties

    10:30am 1 baked potato, 2 turkey patties, 63g carb shake

    1:00pm 1 pound of beef

    2:45pm 1 baked potato, 2 beef patties, 63g carb shake

    5:00pm gym

    7:30pm 1 1/2 cup white rice, 1/2pound beef

    9:30pm 63g carb shake, 1/2 pound beef.

    Proteins change some daisy, but that's average. Gallon and a half of water a day, probably 30g of bcaas all spread out throughout the day. Thinking olive oil and maybe a protein powder will up it. But I'm more of a real food person than powder. Also on tren, test, and mass by the way

  4. Yeah, that's a lot of food haha. Have you ever considered adding in fruit to your breakfast? My suggestion would be to look to add things in to your current meals that won't make eating more too noticeable. It would be an easy fix to add in olive oil and fats, but it might not be ideal if you're on cycle. You could also try adding carbs into your meals that don't have carbs, like 9am and 1pm. Something as easy as adding in 1 cup of rice could easily bump up your calorie intake
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  5. I make a huge batch of protein bars with peanut butter oats and a little bit of honey its a great desert and it's packed with calories

  6. Added carbs to the meals without, as well as a carb shake to every meal. It's 1:30pm, i obviously still have multiple meals to left in the day. But currently at a little over 4,000 calories, 185g protein, 470 carbs, 150g fat. Added in ghrp6 to help make me hungry, and also threw in a little insulin again. Time to get big baby

  7. Peanut Butter

  8. i wish i had this problem of not being able to eat enough calories
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  9. Switch those egg whites to whole eggs would be one easy thing

  10. Easiest way to get calories is milk. A gallon of whole milk has 2,304 calories. You will also get a ton of protein as well. I'm not saying to drink a gallon a day, but even 1/4 to 1/2 gallon a day will get you calories and protein. I wouldn't do this for a very long time because of the fat gain that could/will come with it but it's def a way to get more calories in. It may seem like a hassle, but what I do is drink a glass or two of whole milk with every meal. If you eat 5 meals a day, that's 5-10 glasses per day. That alone will add more than 500 calories per day into your diet. Like I said, I would only do this temporary. Currently, I am doing it until the beginning of March then I am going to reassess my body and decide if I want to keep going, recomp, or cut.
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  11. Lots of good advice in here already.

    All I'll say is watch out for shooting too much fatty oil. Your colon will turn into a slip-n-slide.... trust me.


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