Help Critique My Bulking Diet

  1. Help Critique My Bulking Diet

    Hope this is the right section to post haha.

    14~15% BF

    Here's my proposed diet to help me bulk up:

    ****Breakfast: 692 cals, 50/15/87
    Protein Shake
    6 egg whites
    2 slices of bread

    Snack: 105 cals, 27/0/1

    Lunch: 1,150 cals, 152/19/96 (Pre WO)
    Brown Rice
    Greek yogurt
    2 Tuna sandwiches

    Post WO: 637 cals, 24/31/70
    ¼ cup almonds
    Protein shake

    Dinner: 660 cals, 86/4/72
    Brown rice
    Greek yogurt
    2 chicken breasts

    Bedtime: 80 cals, 5/0/15
    Fat Free Cottage Cheese

    Total of 3,324 cals, 344 Carb/ 69 Fat/ 341 Protein

    Any advice brothas? My main goal is to reach 225, might not do it naturally but id like to go as far as i can before running gear. Thanks!

  2. Bump up the fat..... Protein you don't need more than 200g.
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  3. Personally I like the one gram of fat and protein per pound you want to be!, and 2-3 grams of carbs per pound you want to br

  4. decrease pro and increase fat
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  5. Agreed. Protein is far too high.

    Don't be afraid to up the fat. Fat gets a really bad rap, and is good for optimal hormonal balance.

  6. Up the fat and protein can be decreased.

  7. My math maybe off but I'm assuming you lift heavy?! If so with calculating that into your bmr ur shorting yourself on your caloric intake! But maybe I'm doing my math wrong! To grow u have to supply the demand! With 14% bf I have u with 3600 cals needed?!


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