need help on lean bulk.

  1. need help on lean bulk.

    my stats are :
    age: 22
    bf : 10%
    weight : 95kg
    height : 187 cm

    my question to you is:
    how many calories over my maintenance calorie intake should i eat(while on a cycle test e,dbol,eq) to get lean gains. and how should the calories be devided. 40/40/20 protein, carbs, fat. is that the "formula" to lean gains?

  2. alot of people use 200-300 surplus for a lean bulk, the percentage breakdown is up to you, i use 1g protein per lb body weight, .5 g of fat per lb body weight and fill the rest in with carbs....
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  3. i feel like 200-300 is pretty small amount. due to the fact that i will be on a cycle and i will use more energy to build muscle. and my trainings are very intense. but thanks for your opinion

  4. oh and do you have a formula that i could put my total protein, carbs and fat into to see how my ratios are

  5. i wasnt saying to use a 2-300 surplus, thats just what alot of people use for a clean bulk, im running m1db and am probably 600-800 surplus with little to no fat gain..i use
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  6. Simple rule, you need to consume more calories than you burn to gain weight. Easy math. Like said above eating an extra 200-500 cals per day will help you gain. "Lean Bulk" doesnt mean you can't EAT HEAVY. don't eat grilled chicken and veggies everyday expecting to gain anything. Eat heavy and eat often. Just add some cardio 30mins to offset a few times a week. Your metab. is probably super high anyways.

  7. As I said in a different thread, its about 3500 calories above maintenance to put on 1 lbs. So if you would like to put on 1 lbs a week, you`d have to eat 500 calories over maintenance per day (500 calories x 7 days in a week = 3500 calories per week, or 1lbs)


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