Need A Meal Plan On a Budget

  1. Need A Meal Plan On a Budget

    Hello everyone i was referred to this site by a friend he said here I would fine what i seek so I was wondering if anyone had a meal plan for a full day while not breaking the bank i have a family so i cant go out and buy a carton of eggs everyday and what not so if anyone can help me i would very much appreciate anything you can tell me. Im about 145 to 150 on a good day im 5'10 and i would like to be 175.

  2. I'm a student so I know exactly where you're coming from. I buy everything raw and make my own meals. I spend Sunday cooking stuff up, shoving it in tupperware boxes and then taking it to uni with me for me to eat in breaks between lectures. I also carry around a 'smart shaker' that lets me carry two shakes with me which are good for meal replacements.

    Commercial shakes are quite expensive so I buy all my stuff from a website similar to (I live in the UK) which distributes raw supplements without any of the added stuff. So you can buy a year's supply of amino acids for a very good price along with instant oats and whey protein which you can mix into a shake for a great tasting meal replacement that will keep up the calorie count and give you vital nutrients for gaining weight.

    This is just what I do along and a great diet combined with a proper gym routine have let me see great results!

    Hope this helps buddy.
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