Best Plan for Maximum Gains in ~3 Weeks

  1. Best Plan for Maximum Gains in ~3 Weeks

    I'll start this off my saying I'm somewhat of a hard-gainer. 6'4, ~190 lbs depending on how much I've been eating and lifting.

    I was a solid 205 before Halloween. I went to a concert in Gainesville, FL for 3 days...nothing but cheap beer and cheese burgers. Following that, I got sick. Very sick. I'm quite sure it had to do with all of the second-hand smoke I'd been breathing in at the various venues. I lost my appetite and as a result, most of the gains I'd made over several months of hard lifting (I mostly do Kettlebells and Clubbells, but had been trying to add some steak to the ol' frame).

    I have a high school reunion coming up and would like to add as much mass to my frame in 3 weeks as I can. I was thinking about trying Occams protocol from 4 Hour Body, but I'm not sure if it really works and would like to get opinions on the best diet for adding mass quickly and staying lean. I do plan on continuing to workout after the reunion/Christmas, since my post-concert sickness has finally subsided.

    What's the best plan?

    Ready? Go.

  2. man nothing will give u a bulk in 3 weeks especially not lean, and even a dirty bulk you would gain nothing maybe like a pound or 2 if lucky within that time, just researched that occamm stuff looks weird and strange and i kinda stopped reading lol. just find yourself a good strength routine start eating the right foods and the right amount to get you on ur bulky way and keep it up for months n months n months then when you have your 10yr reunion youll be huge!!

  3. not alot you can do in 3 times but if you eat and train correctly you can put on a good amount of weight

  4. dont see how much mass you can put on.. like said only a pound or two at most.. Just wear 2-3 undershirts

  5. really though muscle building isnt a sprint its a marathon and the only way to achieve the results you want is to STICK to it and not cheat on your diet or routine, the results will come in time. Also if your trying to get big i suggest dropping the kettlebells and introduce yourself to the squat rack and the deadlift deck. Your gonna have to increase your intensity over time to add muscle, may that be from adding weight or volume(not more reps...more sets). I just dont see how anyone can really get bing off kettlebells IMO... they're great for cardio

  6. Ah yes, I know. There are no shortcuts.

    I've stepped up my eating and have actually put on a decent amount of size, which is reassuring, because it means I didn't lose as much muscle as I thought I did, it was merely malnourished and a bit deflated.


  7. take anabeta and creatine nitrate and hit biceps before you go...u will have a nice pump while u are there haha
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  8. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    creatine nitrate and hit biceps before you go...u will have a nice pump
    Haha thought I was the only one who dropped in some creatine and went out with a pump when I wanted to show off a bit.

  9. 3 weeks is not much time to make many strides. Go buy some creatine and l glutamine. As far as routine goes, if you arent doing any powerlifting you may want to look into that. You will gain mass the fastest with a high protein/high calorie diet and heavy low rep sets of compound exercises. Eat lots of eggs beef and potatoes <if you're going for just mass. Throw in some peanut butter and ramen noodles if you are really having a hard time gaining weight. Combine that with benchpress, incline bench press, deadlifts, power cleans, squats and barbell curls and you'll be well on your way to gaining some girth. Take your sets to failure and maybe beyond (depending on experience).

  10. sorry to say but 3 weeks is a bit short, and only way to increase weight is to increase calories.
    you could try eating way above your dayli needed lvl to maintain to increase, but 3 weeks is a bit short

  11. Ha 3 wks 50mgs if dbol aday bro ha puff u up like a toad fish for that reunion hahahahahahahh!

    I'm joking mate don't do the dbol : ) uv left ur run abit late champ to impress that high school sweet heart ha training a life style mate not a quick need to look jacked up in 3wks affair ha ha ha ha

  12. mdrol ftw haha
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  13. lmao yea the good ol dbol and milk diet!!......

  14. Bulk for a year cut till you not fat. That's how do it. Ha

  15. SD will ad 20lbs in 3 weeks. that will get you all puffed and bloated in time to impress a bunch of jabronis who just think your a stronzo anyway.


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