starting a carb cycling bulk....critique

  1. starting a carb cycling bulk....critique

    Hey guys im 5'9 150 about 5-7% bf right now.....looking to gain as much weight as i can until about 8-10% bf. I have been looking into carb cycling and was thinkin of trying it for a bulk. looking to hit around 3000-3300 cals on workoutdays.

    Carb cycling plan
    3 days low carb (75g)
    1 high (375)
    3 maintainence (moderate) (200g)


    3 days low carb (75g)
    1 high (375g)

    Thinking around 325 g protein perday and filling in the rest with fat so on low carb days it woudl be about 175 g, around 50 g on high carb days and around 115-120 on moderate carb days.

    First quesiton is if you think this sounds liek a good plan and secondly, which plan would u recommend, the 3 high 1 low with moderate days or jsut 3 low 1 high and repeat

  2. I forget where but I think it was on t-nation. A guy wrote a very good carb cycling guide. It was quite a long read, but it was definatley worth it. Very good information on using it for bulking and cutting. Maybe just search t-nation and carb cycling to find it.
    It was actually good unlike alot of the other articles on their site that say do this tiny thing and gain 50 POUNDS!!!!!!!

    I think if your bulking your low carb days are too low.

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