Bulking on a cycle, what to expect?

  1. Bulking on a cycle, what to expect?

    Hey, recently bought some Turinabol/AH, going to run them 6 weeks at 90mg/500mg daily respectively. I just have a few questions about what exactly to...well, expect so far as limitations go.

    For a little about me, I'm 5'11" 205 12% body fat looking to put on muscle mass and maybe lose a little fat (or at least keep the fat gains as low as possible).

    1) How high over maintenance calories should I go? I've heard numbers starting at 800 going all the way up to 1000 over maintenance calories.

    2) What sort of nutrient macro should I go for? Is the tried and true 40/40/20 (protein/carbohydrates/EFAs) good, or should I go with something more on the lines of 50/30/20?

    3) How much protein can the body reliably use on a cycle? I know the standard intake "rule" is 1g/lbs of LBM, but again I've run in to conflicting answers, some saying 1.5g/lbs, some saying as high as 2g/lbs.

    4) Should I switch to a longer workout/less split workout routine to work each muscle group more? Currently I'm doing a 5 day split (chest, back, legs/abs, arms, shoulders/traps) which on a 3 on/1 off split gives me about 1 workout per muscle group per week. With the enhanced recovery should I switch to a 4 on/1 off? Change to something more like chest/tri, back/bi, legs/abs, shoulders/traps?

    4.5) Should I change the length of my workouts at all? I typically do anywhere from 3-6 exercises per muscle group (3 for the small ones, 6 for the big/"full day" ones) with 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps and my workouts round out to about an hour.

    5) I have classes at semi-inconvenient times (11am-1:45pm M/W and 5pm-7:45pm T/Tr). I can easily get a meal in before my classes, but factoring in driving time/traffic/walking to class I generally leave the house about an hour before class, so there's quite a bit of time between my meals on those days. Should I take a gainer, whey or casein shake? The only breaks our professors give us are at best 5 minutes and they're really stingy about eating in class, so sneaking a real meal isn't much of an option.

    6) Just a quick diet timing check. My only real question in this regard is about my pre and post workout things, so right now it's something like (all times are just examples, but I work out after either my 2nd or 3rd meal depending on the day):
    3pm - Meal
    4pm - Pre workout shake (1 scoop whey, 1 scoop casein, 1/2 cup dry oats, 1 banana)
    4:45pm - Workout
    5:45pm - Post workout shake (ON Serious Mass)
    6:15pm - Post workout meal

    Any glaringly obvious timing problem(s)? Less time between pre-workout/working out, post-workout/real meal, etc etc?

    7) I'll admit, I never know what to do with cardio during bulks. I generally don't do it at all because every time I read up on when to do it, there's one group of people arguing that pre-workout cardio puts you in a catabolic state, and another group arguing that post-workout cardio makes your body feed the catabolic processes with muscle, and doing it on an off day seems to defeat the purpose of an off day. So any recommendations here?

    Sorry for that being such a long post, thanks for any help.

  2. You never know on cycle how much of a surplus your body can put to use any given day for various reasons. I've had some good results by using hunger as a preliminary indicator, and keeping tabs on how many grams/calories I am consuming to make sure that I am in an acceptable range (within 1000, over 500) above what I need. I can also tailor future meals to incoorperate extra protein/carbs/fat if my previos meals weren't balanced enough for my tastes.

  3. i don't think turinabol is the best bulker but besides that i'd stick to a 40/40/20, although you should keep an eye on your BF% and regulate carbs accordingly...

  4. 500 above maintenance is perfect however your metabolism is going to shoot up and also your maintence will also increase for increasing weight. so what I would do is.

    Find out the maintence caloric intake of someone 20lbs heavier than yourself, and eat that through the duration of your cycle, and into pct. Once you are at that weight you can bump it up if you choose.

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