hypothetically, can i live off protein powders?

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  1. haha Youngandfree log this with pictures of gains/loss ... Heres an example:

    Day 13...im sh*ting red and bedridden
    hahah i could never put myself through that torture

  2. LichKing, no joke man. that would BLOW!!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by alwaysgaining View Post
    if you did you would be a skinny mofo lol u need real solid food!!
    This is broscience.

    The body needs calories for energy, and an adequate supply of nutrients including protein and fats.

    While you couldn't live off protein powder and water, if you blended in some oats and whole milk, and consumed sufficient calories, yes you could live off it indefinitely and even make gains.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by risktaker View Post
    Are you on crack, the human body cannot absorb all the nutrients in protein powder because is not natural to the body. Eat real food to bulk up. Don't you read labels, the powders said that you cannot use it as a food source.
    Whey isn't natural? You sure about that? Just because it is processed, much like your cereals and things, does not mean it is not naturally occuring.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1s View Post
    its a bad idea. I researched this while I was taking protein shakes as meal replacements twice a day.
    No. Just no.

    Excessive protein intake IS NOT HARMFUL. This has been well studied. But, you cannot survive off protein alone for long durations. Carbs yes, but fats no. Well you would live, but it wouldnt be optimal.

  5. You could spend hundreds of dollars at Tnation for their supplement only diet. Let us know how you do



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