Need some help gaining

  1. Exclamation Need some help gaining

    OK so here's the problem.

    I"m 24 ys old, 147 lbs and about 5'11 tall. I've been trying to gain weight but have an extremely high metabolism, I would like to gain more muscle mass than body fat, i can't seem to gain any even though i'm getting stronger. i'm currently unemployed so after i go job hunting I work out in the gym for 2 to 3 hours a day(that involves running also). My max bench is 215. I've tried the whey protien and haven't gained any, i've weighed the same weight since i was 17. i'm really looking for any advice on something to take or a certain type of program i could get on?? thanx

  2. i have had this problem up till about 2 months ago. number one, EAT.all of ur meals or snaks does not have to be lean protein. if your 5 11 and 147 u need fat on you anyways. eat anything and everything every 3 hours then have a big breakfast, lunch and dinner. are you taking any weight gainer shakes? serious mass is amazing. mixed with milk, 1,600 calories, 70 g of protein, 250 carbs. drink lots of water. only lift for 45 to 60 min then do like 15 min cardio. what is ur workout routine? that is a major factor also. there is much more advice, but mainly EAT alot and often and TRAIN hard. lemme know ur workout routine and ill tell u what 2 do. you can also personal message me

  3. if you want a mass workout program, google the 5x5 program. this is great for beginners, people looking for quick mass, or people who are at a peak of there muscle strength and need something to change to continue to grow. Main lifts are Bench press, Rows, SQUAT, incline bench, shoulder press and dead lift. if you do these, 5 sets of 5, 3 days a week you will grow. 70% of the results you see in the mirror is from diet. so eat! get ur protein calories and carbs in. once u do this program for about 5 to 6 weeks, you will gain maybe 5 to 8 pounds, depending how much u eat then maybe u can take some creatine to help you continue

  4. I eat more than most people, example- last week i went to a pizza buffet and ate 32 slices of pizza and was still hungry,i know thats not good for anyone but i just like eating, my metabolism is crazy high. I just got off of creatin 3 weeks ago, I started on tribulis and a estrogen inhibator 2 weeks ago. i plan on getting on p plex then m drol next.
    But as far as my schedule goes for my workout it goes something like this.
    mon-chest,triceps,biceps(med. weight 5 sets of 10, + 1 bench pyramid)
    tues-calves,legs,forearms(med. weight 5 sets of 10, + 1 squat pyramid)
    wed-shoulders,lower and upper back(med. weight 5 sets of 10)
    thurs-chest,triceps,biceps(hev. weight 5 sets of 6, + 1 bench pyramid)
    fri-calves,legs,forearms(med. weight 5 sets of 6, + 1 squat pyramid)
    sat-shoulders,lower and upper back(med. weight 5 sets of 6)
    I always try to run atleast an hour a day, cardio is real important to me.

    As for all this i'm open to all sugg. and help just started about a month ago 9 need some advice

  5. i know everybody here would agree with me on this, if ur just know starting to hit the gym hard, dont use a ph, especially mdrol. if ur gonna do anything, run something light like epistane with a good PCT. if ur not gaining of the diet and training routine that u are on now, something is not working for you then. i suggest main lifts for a few weeks then go to a different lifting program.

  6. STOP RUNNING FOR AN HOUR EACH DAY! Change your lifting routine to a 3 or 4 day program. You are lifting too much and running WAAYY TOO MUCH if putting on weight is your goal. If you want to be a marathon runner, stop crying.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by youngandfree View Post
    STOP RUNNING FOR AN HOUR EACH DAY! Change your lifting routine to a 3 or 4 day program. You are lifting too much and running WAAYY TOO MUCH if putting on weight is your goal. If you want to be a marathon runner, stop crying.
    totally agree!!! stop running period! do that in the spring to cut. I am 39 and had the same problems all my life also. i cam e to this site in march and have put on 20+ lbs this year with diet supplements and most of all FOOD tons of it. you will get slightly fatter in the midsection bulking but dont worry your a hard gainer and will be able to cut this very fast when spring comes. I also started the 5x5 training in april which i def. say has increased my size and strenght a ton.

    32 pieces of pizza, that's alot of carbs but pretty much nothing in it for you to gain muscle. You need to list your daily diet and then others will chime in and tell you what you are missing and so forth.

  8. very much agreed. post all of ur meals up on this log or make a new one for one week and what u lift and what weight u lifted with and stuff and people on here will tell u what to do. most of these guys have been bodybuilding for a while and they know what 2 do

  9. Agreed with the above posters. Stop working out for so long it's just burning more calories. If you eat more calories than you burn and you have the proper nutrition in each meal you will grow. That is the only way to put on weight is to take in more calories then you put out.


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