College Student, how does this meal plan look?

  1. College Student, how does this meal plan look?

    Im a college student, currently have a full workload during summer session in order to graduate early, so at any rate, its like it would be during the normal school year. This is about the only foods i can get a hold on in a consistent basis. Im looking to gain some muscle.

    im 180lbs, 5'10", workout 5 days a week,rest on the weekends. i recently was working out for the past 6 months, and gained a great deal of strength, but not much size. im hoping to use this strength now to gain some size, i did it before eating anything really, but now im hoping to stick to this here. any thoughts suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thank you

    Ingredients (most of the fats come from the inclusion of Omega 3's in some of the ingredients):

    1 serving: 120 cal, 1g fat, 3g carb, 24g protein

    1 bag: 160 cal, 6g fat, 16 carbs, 4g protein

    peanut butter:
    1 serving = 2 tbsps
    200 cal, 18g fat, 6 carbs, 7g protein

    egg whites:
    1/4 cup: 30 cal, 0g fat, 1 carb, 6g protein

    skim milk:
    1 cup: 90 cal, 0g fat, 13 carbs, 9g protein

    1/2cup: 150 cal, 3g fat, 27 carb, 5g protein

    1 cup: 370 cal, 3g fat, 67 carb, 17g protein

    meal 1:

    1/2 cup egg white 60 cal, 0g fat, 2 carb, 18g protein
    1/2 cup milk 45cal, 0g fat, 6.5 carbs, 4.5 protein
    1 cup oatmeal 300 cal, 6g fat, 52 carb, 10g protein
    1 serving whey (trader joes) 100 cal, 4 carb, 1g fat, 23g protein,

    total: 505 cal, 7g fat, 64.5 carbs, 55.5g protein

    meal 2:

    1 cup milk 90 cal, 0g fat, 13 carb, 9g protein
    1/2 cup oatmeal 150 cal, 3g fat, 27 carb, 5 protein
    2 tbsp peanut butter 200 cal, 18g fat, 6 carb, 7g protein
    1 serving whey: 120 cal, 1g fat, 3 carb, 24g protein

    total: 560 cal, 22g fat, 49 carb, 45g protein


    1 protein shake w/ water: 120 cal, 1g fat, 3 carb, 24g protein


    protein shake w/ dextrose:
    protein: 240 cal, 2g fat, 6 carb, 48g protein
    dextrose: 150 cal, 38 carb

    total: 390 cal, 2g fat, 44 carb, 48g protein

    meal 3:
    1 chicken breast: 210 cal, 5g fat, 0 carb, 41g protein
    1 cup pasta: 370 cal, 3g fat, 67 carb, 17g protein

    total: 580 cal, 8g fat, 67 carb, 58g protein

    Meal 4:
    4 eggs scrambled w/ pasta:

    total:650 cal, 21g fat, 67carb, 41g protein

    Meal 5:
    2 cups of milk and 2tbsps of PB

    total: 380 cal, 18g fat, 32 carb, 25 protein

    daily total:
    cal: 3185 fat: 79g carb: 326.5 protein: 296g

    I was hoping to add Jack3d or superpump 250 to this before workouts and a creatine but i cant find a good one, if this seems good please let me know!

  2. im in a hurry but noticed your Peanut Butter, what type? By the nutrional info, I suppose JIF or some $hit. Go by a Wal-Mart and get Naturally More, less fat, less carbs, more fiber, more protein

  3. ah my peanut butter is called Smart Balance, looked like the best one i could find, 1000mg omega 3's, everything else i listed. wouldnt more carbs be ideal, though?

  4. yea Smart Balance is good, but Naturally More is the best

    what would you rather have?
    -a nice car everyone likes and looks good but breaks down and gives you headaches? or a P.O.S. but its the fastest, baddest car on the road that everyone is scared of???

  5. Is the milk and peanut butter right before bed? I would avoid consuming those carbs right before bed, and maybe substitute a protein shake with water, or else cottage cheese with the peanut butter.

  6. ^ oh i always figured that would be the best time to have that, any particular reason why?

  7. Definitley drop the night-time carbs, but otherwise looks good. Other than diet though, you said you workout mon-fri and take the weekends off; if your lifting for all those days I would drop wed out and make it a rest or maybe light cardio day; if your really pushing yourself in the gym Mon-Fri your probably over training.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by halberdklown View Post
    ^ oh i always figured that would be the best time to have that, any particular reason why?
    Because your generally less active at night, and especially before bed, the carbs never get a chance to be used as energy; also milk has a pretty high amount of sugar, also not great for immediatly before bed. Just as a general rule I usually shoot to stop eating carbs around 6PM

  9. ah thank you very much for that tidbit of information! but i dont think im over training, i just do
    mon: chest tri,
    tues: some light ab work
    wed: back biceps,
    thur: shoulders traps

    i will def. avoid those carbs before bed, but the only reason i added it was because i noticed that i feel short on carbs otherwise, would you happen to have some food that can help make up for the carbs calories and protein i get from that for earlier?

  10. if you're very experienced i would give dc training a try, it is a little difficult at first, but there is tons of info on this board about it these days because it has become insanely popular. also it is good for college students IMO, which im about to start college so we shall see, because it is a 3 day split... and it works. just some food for thought

  11. thanks for the idea, but unfortunately ive only been lifting for 6 months, dont feel quite up to that challenge yet! if anyone could recommend a good creatine to take along with Jack3d and a good carb/calorie source i can have during the day please let me know!

  12. as far as a creatine, i would try green magnitude or neovar recomped, they are both good products at an affordable price, and the neovar has a nutrient repartitioner in it which is always beneficial IMO

  13. Creatine + Creatine=BAD

  14. where are you reading "creatine+creatine"?

  15. green mag looks great but it was generally made as a preworkout creatine i see, anything thats better for post workout? i think it might be too much taking jack3d and a creatine both post workout

  16. green mag isnt for pre workout..... idk where you got that... and jacked doesnt have that much creatine i dont believe, also some people run up to 15 grams a day of creatine

  17. I was reading the review by renegaderows and he said it was made for pre workout but it was ok as a post, but your right, looks like ill be taking jack3d and green mag! thanks for your help!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by KgTomCat View Post
    im in a hurry but noticed your Peanut Butter, what type? By the nutrional info, I suppose JIF or some $hit. Go by a Wal-Mart and get Naturally More, less fat, less carbs, more fiber, more protein
    Organic almond butter.
    Far less sodium.
    Taste great also.

    May not be affordable on a 'college' budget though.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by panther77 View Post
    where are you reading "creatine+creatine"?
    I believe that is in reference to jack3d,which includes creatine.

  20. jacked is a pre WO supp, that has all the goodies (creatine, aminos, etc..)

  21. it doesnt have enough creatine in it IMO, but thats just me, i take jacked and neovar right now, and if you just took jacked you wouldnt keep your creatine levels constant due to only taking it on workout days....

    good luck with the green mag btw, you'll love the flavor, it is amazing.

  22. IMO controlled labs is one of the best to gaspari

  23. so what, youd recommend something like sizeon over those mentioned?

  24. never tried sizeon...plazma jet, halodrol liquid gels, superpump 250, and novedex xt are all great products though. for creatine I use AST Microfiltered Mono


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