HS Running Back Bulking Diet...Help!

  1. HS Running Back Bulking Diet...Help!

    Ok I'm kind of in a bad way because i only have access to my HS weight room from 6:15-10:00 a.m. and im currently taking Drive,RPM,NeoVar stack..

    So i guess what im asking for is someone to lay out a 7 day diet for meal meal by meal what to eat...Im a sophomore and already pretty strong part of a 1,2 punch at varsity RB next year but i REALLY want to get serious about my diet.

    Plz Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what does your diet look like now? that will give a good basis to work on. you want to be eating at least 6 meals a day every 2-3 hrs i eat every 2 on the dot and flip a bitch when i miss my mark ( kinda goin on right now cuz my mom made me go with her to run a errand and i forgot my food at home) count and log your calories every day. im curious to see how much you eat a day and a week. also are you only bulking on the offseason?

  3. my diet will put size on you, but somehow i think it would be a bit excessive for you. post your diet, and let us tweak it a bit

  4. Haha my diet right now sucks....
    this is the usual (sorry its not very in depth)

    Breakfast:2 Granola bars protein shake, glass of milk, some type of fruit around 10:00

    Lunch:PBJ sandwich, Baked chips, Milk, Fruit around 12:30

    Dinner: This is probaly my only good meal, my mom almost always makes some type of chicken or meat with veggies and some bread or pasta and i will drink milk or water with it.

    Im almost constantly drinking water throughout the day....Sorry that it isn't very good

  5. dnt appologise to me bri. the great thing about this lifestyle is you decide how far you want to go and you set your goal. if you want to gain weight you need to EAT sure there are things that will help you gain some calories but you need actual food to help you grow.

    I suggest at least 6 meals a day. I do this because im a ecto with a small appetite so I had to train my stomach to be able to handle massive amounts of food. count your calories and see where you are at. you weigh a little more than me but my maitenence cals are 3400 cals. im in a rush to gain a ton of weight since I just lost a ton so im eating about 4300 cals a day. split up your macros a standard is 4/4/2 that's 40% protein 40% carbs and 20% fat. see what you respond to the most before adjusting these numbers. for example I do a 60/20/20 because I respond well to carbs. this still gets me 200g of protein so that's more than plenty and more than enough fat.

    sandwhiches are great. use whole wheat breads or heart breats I tend to use ezikiel it has tons of great things in it.

    prepare your meals the night before if you have to.
    make sure to eat after your workout. also be easy with cardio.

    hope this helps!

  6. Yeah thanks


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