New Guy,Opinions on my split?

  1. New Guy,Opinions on my split?

    Hey I'm new around here I've been lifting for 4 years (the "right" way for 2) and I'm 18. my current split is:
    Week 1 Rep ranges are for strength (4-6)
    Day2-Tri's, cardio
    Day3-Forearms/Abs, cardio
    Day4- Shoulders
    Day5- Bi's, cardio
    Day6- Legs
    Day7- Chest
    Week 2 is the same split but with different moves and rep ranges for mass building (8-12)
    Protein: 104g (Morning26, pre26, post52)
    Beta-Al: 3g
    VPX's NOShotgun Preworkout
    And a Multi Vitamin
    I eat about 2000-3000 Calories a day, pretty healthy
    Thats about it

  2. Looks good. one thing you may want to do is combine two of the days, (say chest and tris for instance) to give yourself a rest day. If your deal is that you love going to the gym everyday, then take the seventh day as an active recovery day...very light weights; 25 - 30% of what you usually do, and do full range of motion, full body. A lot of people believe that its better to have an active recovery day as opposed to having a "sedentary" rest day. Plus, a rest day (active or not) will give your CNS a break...once you tax the CNS, you start to plateau, you stop getting the gains, and you wear your body out faster. At least one rest day is the best way to go.

    Nice job though, keep it up

  3. I use the Forearms/abs day is as an active rest day, i rip through it in about 35 min and do light cardio for 20 or so min. and then i force myself to go home no matter how bad i want to stay lol
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