Designer Once again

  1. Designer Once again

  2. Nice prices! On LX and Activate especially.
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  3. Wow, you guys are in Victor NY? Sweet. I used to live in Henrietta NY. You guys should give me a job so I can move back to Rochester.
    "If we use our emotions as a means of forming conclusions and making decisions, then it is our emotions that businesses will appeal to, and in such a world, dishonesty reigns." - Par Deus

  4. Haha, I grew up here my whole life, realy not to sweet. But fall is the most beautiful time, I'll give it that. I want to move, WAY to much taxes!

  5. So does that mean you have finally received the Rebound Reloaded and are sending out your back orders?

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by glg
    So does that mean you have finally received the Rebound Reloaded and are sending out your back orders?
    good question, I was going to place an order for your RR but was wondering what the status is. If there is a two week wait I may need to find another place.

  9. I ordered on 8/01, got one email saying it was out of stock (again.still..don't know which). Was told I could have my order without it or wait. I did say I would wait (wanted to do the NHA stack). Haven't heard a thing since and no answers to my follow-up email or ont this site.

    Are they even still in business?

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  11. (copied from my response on the Rebound Reloaded thread)

    Finally got an answer to my email.

    I finally got an answer from designer.

    Reloaded will be shipped the end of Aug. Again, I appologize for the delay. Let me know what you want me to do with your order.

    Thanks again,

    So it looks like it will be over a month from the time of the order till the potential shipping date.

    Had to cancel as I'm wanting to start an NHA cycle way before then.

    Too bad..hope they do better with other peopls orders.

  12. Sorry about the delay on the responses. Reloaded will be shipped end of Aug. I know its been a while, lots of people are looking for it. I appologize for the wait to those who ordered. I had been having some email issues, but all should be ok now. Thanks guys!


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