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    Hey guys I'm starting my first Cycle I'm stocking test 250 and super sustanon 300 what's the weekly dose of each really would like some help as this is my first cycle ever and I don't want to over do it or just waste my time doing to little... Any and all help Will be most appreciated

  2. They are both test (not sure of the "super"). 500 mg per week will give good results. Don't forget AI, hCG, and PCT.

  3. no reason to stack long ester test and sustanon. also @Charger69 super sus is just a slightly different mix than regular, its not common, recently labs have been trying to trick people into thinking they have something new but just still with old school sus, i find it keeps levels more stable than regular C/E test. plus it has the added benefit of having short ester in it as well which give you alittle boost feeling the date of administration of it. to each there own. gotta love what labs are trying to do these days. all they do is make things alittler higher than the person next to them and use a better thesaurus when choosing a name for there new "blend"
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