For all you people who do hardcore cycles, what's your best PCT protocol?

  1. For all you people who do hardcore cycles, what's your best PCT protocol?

    What's your best PCT protocol for a hard hitting cycle, also any of you use Humog?

  2. Clomid & Nolva combo fronted by HCG after the last shot is what most people use after coming of an heavy cycle.
    Though stuff like Deca can be in the system a long time so many begin their PCT to soon after the last shot and therefore not getting effect until the end of the pct.
    After stuff like Test-E many begin after about 2-3 weeks.
    If you doing orals only then the PCT begins the day after the last pill.

    When i comes to dosage it's up to the user and how sides many sides they get.
    Many say that over 50mg Clomid is a waste and only increase the risk of sides.
    Nolva 20mg seems to do just fine with 40mg begin max dosage.
    When it comes to HCG I'm unsure but if you were doing inject with test doses over 500mg and or a Deca/Dbol/Tren combo you will be pretty shut down and clomid and nolva would not be enough to kickstart the HTPA them self.

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