Necromancer's Competition that was

  1. Necromancer's Competition that was

    This was on October 14th.....But U all need to know this for background to future posts and logs I will do.

    Have been slack posting on forums as of late.

    Well I got the dieting done rite....The cravings in the 2nd last week..disappeared in the last carb depletion for 3 days and salt intake increase...then carb load for 2 days..On the Friday used Shredded by Sans....and cut water out at 6pm friday nite...

    Woke up Saturday...Did not like what I saw...Put tan..on..Wow...Cuts came out all over the place..Legs looked amazing...Abs were great....I was very Happy...

    Under 80kilo class..1st up ...10 of us....I only saw one guy that I had to beat...and that was the blonde guy that won

    My posing I thought was excellent..Got good comparisons...My Routine..I posed really well and slow..and held the poses....Everyone thought I was defn going to place...

    So when i did not....I was extremely bitter all week....

    Here u decide...My stubborness for using dream tan...probably killed my chances....But I knew this before I went in...So can't take that choice back now....I would not listen to advice everyone gave.Tell me what u think

    WinkiPoP Media - Image Gallery

    Click on Bodybuilding....then select...Qld Anb Championships.

    I am in Morning Part A....compulsories...Not so good shots
    and then

    Afternoon Part A....Starts off everyone in my class....I am in the 6th column down...and the guy in the blue next to me won....Scroll down and u can see who came 2nd and 3rd and if u got time to go thru them all..U tell me who came 2nd and 3rd in your mind.
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  2. You look good in the few pics i looked at that you embedded but i ran out of time to compare. The tan is a bit odd but i'm not too sure why. maybe your face is too dark against your body or something. It's your first comp man, most of us never even make it that far so you shouldn't be anything but happy and even more determined to win next time.

    Someone said before that it is bodybuilding...not body built. Nothing but progression and lookin' to place higher should be on your to do list. Plus if you would have won then you wouldn't have looked as cool as you will now when you come up in your next comp and smoke em.

    Great job and i'll be sure to check out those other pics later on.

  3. Congrats man! well done!!

  4. look good for your first show, definitly work on the tan. It was way to blotchy. And your face looked allot darker. good job

  5. Yeah the face made it look off. Way darker or orangy dark. Is your hair red? I could not figure it out, I do not have great eyes but from the front I thought you had a buzz cut then in back you had red hair.

    Seriously though, your mid section looked GREAT. You really looked lean. You were not a really big guy, but that kind of leaness and the definitions through the torso and legs really made you stand out!

  6. Nice job bro. Dont get discouraged! Like Jay said, many of us never even take it that your tan wasnt 100% - now you know better next time AND you'll be bigger and leaner.



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