who competes/plans on competing within next year or so

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  1. I think he is not referring to a website in particular, but a combination of information from different sources to get solid knowledge and information.

  2. haha true..that one went right over my head

  3. I am planning on the NPC oregon in July 06

  4. I havent competed in three years. I took sometime of after my kid was born. I'm going to get back into it May of next year. Hoping to put on about ten more pounds first. Currently at 255lbs about 12% bf.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fbxdan
    I would like to try to compete in the alaska teen bodybuilding comp, or compete some day when i'm older. I just don't know much about competing, and don't really know any coaches or anything up here in the far north. There's one guy I could get to train me, but i'd have to shell out alot of cash. I just wouldn't want to make an ass out of myself up on stage.
    Bobo can prep you, and his fees are very reasonable. Bobo preped Glenihan and he came out great...ask glenihan.

  6. I've competed a few times in the last 3 years. Took 2005 off from doing shows to grow some .
    Plan on doing figure at the NC State, Junior, Masters, in
    Albemarle, August 19th.

  7. I'm preparing for the NABBA Scotland competition in May. My first competition was in 2004, and I also competed last year.

    This will be my first year in the really old guy category, since I turned 50 last year!

  8. Im competing in 2 natural shows this year. 1st one is in June and the second one is September.


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