H.E.A.T questions

  1. H.E.A.T questions

    When you guys recommend to take on an empty stomach, how long after can I eat? I normally have 2 around 8:00am then 12:00 and then at 4:00 totalling 6 for the day. Does that sound like a good dosing schedule? Also I have the 8:00AM first does I take it with some iced coffee (black over ice) on my way in to work, is this considered a stimulant as advised not to take on the back of the label?


  2. try to wait 30 minutes before eating. but it is not an absolute. dosing looks fine. regarding caffeine, this from the HEAT write up :

    "Caffeine tends to be included in most thermogenics. It is cheap, it provides good stimulation, and it potentiates the effects of stimulants and catecholamine signaling via adenosine blockade (10, 11). Thus, it will increase short-term appetite suppression and help with fat loss peripherally, via norepinephrine and dopamine potentiation. It will make things even worse for the adipostat via NE but better via dopamine.

    It also has negative effects on nutrient partitioning at the cellular level. Adenosine senses fuel availability, so antagonism tricks the cell into thinking it is full and energized. A full cell is a nutrient insensitive cell, so caffeine will inhibit nutrient uptake, and the excess will just float around and cause problems. High serum lipid and glucose levels are also strongly associated with obesity, insulin and leptin resistance, as well as cardiovascular disease (12, 13).

    Because of the trade-offs, we went back and forth on caffeine, finally deciding to leave it out and just let the user have some coffee with it if they really wanted that extra kick. Coffee is yummy and part of a major social scene, anyway. Those who are pretty lean will get the most positives and least negatives from adding caffeine."

  3. Thanks Prolangtum!

    I will hold off on the coffee. And I have been waiting an hour so I will bump it down to 45 minutes because I have changed my feeding schedule around the supplement...

  4. What prolangtum said, basically. Caffeine or no caffeine is kind of at your discretion. If you were dosing it pre-workout, from a performance standpoint, I would add caffeine--if not, I'd leave it be unless you feel it's absolutely necessary; or if you're only doing a really short cuts (month or less).

  5. I have decided to leave it (the coffee) out and dosed at 6:00 10:30 and 3:30...

    I plan on running this only a month at 6 caps a day (still at 175lbs) then hopefully will be lean enough for LipoDerm-Y/Capszien. What else stacks well with LipoDerm that can be taken orally?

  6. SesaThin and Phenogen


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