Slim FX Tester Results Inside

  1. Slim FX Tester Results Inside

    Let me preface this by telling you how we selected the testers.

    We picked 10 people from the forums that know who we are. BUT we then picked 20 random people to get completely unbiased feedback. May of these people had never tried an AX product before. We simply sent a broadcast email to 1000 random people in the AX email database with the following requirements.

    1. Must use or have used weight loss / energy products with stimulants
    2. Must have used three of the top 6 selling weight loss products we named
    3. Must agree to take the product immediately upon arrival for a month and fill out an online survey with the results. This survey went over several experience questions and then a comparison to the other top products.

    Of course the testing went phenomenally well or we would not release the product. Today we sent an email to the testers to leave there experience with the product. More should be coming in each day and here are the results.....

    Click Here for the Tester Feedback on Slim FX | AX
    Athletic Xtreme
    Sports Supplements That Work

  2. Some good feedback there, looking forward to trying it for myself once it's released.

  3. What are the ingredients?

  4. Did some of the testers get more than a months worth?

    "Fantastc!Fast!Weight Loss!"

    I tested Slim FX for a month now and have achieved really significant changes to my physique and my appetite. I am using the Gym more regularly. In my short time i have lost 7pds and 3 trouser sizes. My attitude is more positive and my confidence is fantastic.I owe it to Slim fX and i thank you.I have recommended this product to friends who have also shown great results.
    - David MILLER / Age 36, Gilbert, ARIZONA
    I'm just wondering how he recommended the product to his friends and how they got enough (considering it hasn't been released yet) to show great results if he took it for a month?

  5. No clue, Jay! But I guess he means that he probably gave some pills to some friends who liked the feeling from it. Or, that they actually contacted Customer Care @ Athletic and got themselves into the Beta-Testing of it. Hard to actually say what he means.. I look into it anyways..

  6. And Wayne Crandall was age 11. He mentioned on our facebook page that the wrong age was entered. ha

    @Jay after emailing Dave (who logged it on the AX forum), he had recommended the testing to two friends who also tested it. He did not word it the best but they all logged it on AX forums.
    Athletic Xtreme
    Sports Supplements That Work

  7. Got in contact with the user.. So here the deal. He got the goods through the contact with AX Customercare. He also recommended his friends, don't know how many, to contact AX Customercare too and they also meet the requirements and qualified for testing Slim FX.

  8. Oh my, you beat me to it.. hehe

    And yeah, the phrasing wasn't the best.. but also, the testimonials are char. limited too and that can make it hard sometimes to get all the information in there

    Edit: stupid phone

  9. Eizbear and AthleticXtreme thanks for clearing that review up. I'm looking forward to giving this a shot; my appetite is pretty hard to control sometimes.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jaymode
    Eizbear and AthleticXtreme thanks for clearing that review up. I'm looking forward to giving this a shot; my appetite is pretty hard to control sometimes.
    You're welcome Jay! Looking forward to hear your thoughts about it.. I'm sure you'll find its appetite suppression properties to be impressive. Stay active here or on facebook and your chances of winning a free bottle of slim FX is really good!

  11. I had incredible results from Slim X so I am looking forward to the release of this new product. I need to check in more regularly.


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