~ATHLETIC EDGE NUTRITION Product Summary Reivew Thread!~

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  1. Exclamation ~ATHLETIC EDGE NUTRITION Product Summary Reivew Thread!~

    IntraXCell SteelEdge short reviews:

    Ctgblue-Mod at bb.com


    I really like the Beta Alanine Products that have been coming out.
    Read my reviews for Body Octane and H-Blocker

    Having tried those, I was quite excited to try the newest offering by Athletic Edge Nutrition - Intra X Cell.
    Now, I must tell you that I held off reviewing this longer than most as I was unable to push myself really hard the first week or two that I was taking this, due to injuries.
    During that time I also noticed that this was not the "immediate hit" that Body Octane and H-Blocker are. Most powders hit faster than capsules anyway.
    So I thought I was going to be disappointed, but I found that, with IntraXCell, the feeling came on slower but lasted MUCH longer than the other two products.
    It was able to hold through the entire workout and I could even still feel it on the drive home.
    I will give this 4.5 out of 5, damn near perfect for what it does.
    Another home run for Athletic Edge.


    This has quickly become one of my favorite energy drinks. I use it for all kinds of situations.
    They have added BCAA's to the mix and the 200mg of caffeine hits really smooth with no jitters.
    I can say without a doubt that it really does help you focus and get into whatever you are doing.
    I use it for the gym in the mornings, but really rely on it for those long afternoons when I may have had a bigger lunch than I had planned. It save me from the "afternoon drowsies" in a big way. I will only use a single scoop because of the maltodextrin content. I KNOW it says 0 sugar, but Maltodextrin IS a sugar and it DOES knock me the hell out if I ingest too much.
    That aside, this is an awesome supplement. I give it 4.5 out of 5. Drop this into the $20 something range and it gets the full 5 out of 5.

    Testers Logs summaries:

    Ectomeso1 -
    Overall I was unbelievably impressed with intraXcell

    Benefits Included-
    Better Energy
    Better Pump
    More Energy
    Better Strength
    Better Endurance

    My strength gains were very impressive in 30 days, some of them include
    Bench 210x3 to 245x3
    Squat 265x3 to 290x3
    Bent Row 185x8 to 215x8
    Deadlift 325x3 to 365x3
    Militray 135x5 to 150x5

    Weight 180lbs to 187lbs

    IntraXcell rating 11/10

    I will post b4 and after pics either tonight or tom.


    The Final Workout!!

    Today was my final workout on IntraXCell but it won't be the last time I use this product. I am going to get another bottle here very soon. I've had an excellent experience with IntraXCell and it is very evident in the progress I have made.

    Start End

    Bench max: 225 265
    Dumbell press: 70's 95's
    Cable Fly's: 50 75
    Pec Dek: 135 220
    Conc. Curl: 30's 45's
    Skullcrushers: 65 85
    Alt bicep curl: 35's 45's
    Barbell curl: 85 105
    Military press: 95 135
    Front raises: 25's 35's
    I increased strength in all lifts. I was particularly happy with my bench max as I am hoping to hit 300 by Feb. My muslces are more full and toned now and are hard as they have ever been. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being lowest and 10 being highest, I would rate IntraXCell at 9, and I will be placing a new order very soon. Very good product.

  2. NeCrOmAnCeR:

    End of Log IntraXcell finish today

    Day 32

    Previous workouts Arms did not suffer at all from tuesday..Yesterday was a rest day and Legs still not healed.Quads ok..Inner Hamstring felt like a rod....No pace at all with cardio(and I did cardio 3 times yesterday)...Definetly could be that I smashed legs extra hard due to IntraXcell delaying fatigue...Like I have said I did get on average 3 extra reps on each set...When I was fatigued at 9...I would not rest till I got 12!

    Hamstrings still not healed for today completely.But felt fresh for this workout.

    Back and Calves Oh how awful.....I missed My Steel Edge today..I enjoy drinking it thru the workout so much.

    Met up with Solarize at his gym.(sorry no training video's )

    He said up for deadlifts...I not done any this year due to lower back gives me grief for up to a week after.But now it is healed..

    Boy I knew I had been born today...Like they really were hard and smashed u to oblivion...every muscle wants to give way under the strain.
    Back workout continued with some quality excercises.Moderate weight and great Lat pumps...with bonus bicep inflation.

    Calves had lots of endurance..burnt them out Leg Press doing calves and seated calves...Reps were excellent..<(intra)> and they ached for hours afterwards.And then much later I still had nothing to give for cardio..:/

    Conclusion and Summation

    I did not know what to expect.I did not read online anything about Products..But Steel Edge....the drive and the focus....Never felt anthing like it.And it is essential part of Your desire to acheive...
    I cannot wait to take it again in 2 weeks.

    IntraXcell The weights just kept going up and the reps acheived in this month were phenonemal...I really did set new records for myself...and all the while I was cutting...I acheived so much fat loss and still kept gaining muscle I am sure thanks to this Product.

    Athletic Edge Nutrition are Truly First Class Products...God Help someone beat them(can't be done) And If they ever bring out a new product....Wow...Results will be Intense.

    Cannot Afford to continue with IntraXcell at this time.(I know I really should-I will try to find funds)

    But Otherwise I can't wait to stack these products again near the end of the month will some Controlled Labs Products....Yes it's going to be an intense ride back up the scales.

    Thank You Sebastian for selecting me as a Tester..Your support through out....has been exemplary.

    My Log is very detailed.So that anyone can see at a glance without too much scrolling that these products really kick.


    Well today is my final day to log this product......I am sad to see it end, but I will keep a log a month's time from now, and I will stack IntraXCell with a product yet to be determined. I will keep another 30 day log at that time.

    I was very psyched for this workout.....I really wanted to ruin myself on the last day with IXC for a month....

    1) DB Shoulder Press: 1x8 (50's) 3x6 (65's)
    2) Clean & Press: 3x4 (105lbs)*****
    3) Lateral Raises: 3x8 (35's)
    4) Front Raises: 3x6 (35's)

    5) Cable Crunches: 3x15 (90lbs)
    6) Various Ab Ex for 5 min

    7) Seated Calf Raises: 3x15 (140lbs)
    8) Standing Calf Raises: 2x10 (220lbs)

    *****I am not sure if this is the correct name for this exercise, but basically I am doing a power clean, then pressing the bar over my head....


    I want to say thanks to everyone from AEN! It was an honor to log this product, and I am a solid believer in B-A supplementation now. It is only a "supplement," and does not magically put weight on you, and improve your lifts, but when you have a sloid diet/workout routine it can bust through any plateau.

    Good luck to all those who are still logging this product!!!

    Skircus7, continues on for a 60 day log with SizeOn:
    IntraXCell+SizeOn *FINAL REVIEW*

    Okay, so I had to write two papers today, and turn in my LAST ENGLISH PAPER EVER!!!!!......haha.....that feels good!......anyways, I wanted to write a final review for this stack, as many people are probably thinking about stacking creatine & beta-alanine together.

    Body Composition: (9/10)
    I am still 154lbs, which is the weight that I was when I started the log. I gave this category a 9 because I did not seem to retain ANY water from the SizeOn, and my bodyfat did not go up at all. I believe that IntraXCell may have played a role in the fact that I did not retain any water from the creatine, but I am not %100 sure of this.

    Strength: (10/10)
    I was VERY IMPRESSED with my strength gains from this stack. I am not a very big guy (5'6"-154lbs) so I was happy to get really close to 300lbs on both squats and deads with this stack. My strength increases did not slow down at all during this log, and I went up on squats/deads every workout. Overall, I could not be more pleased with the strength gains.

    Endurance: (9/10)
    My endurance was really off the charts during this log. During cardio sessions I barely ever got really tired, and in the gym I felt like I could train for hours on end (exept for leg day!). I was not taking any caffeine while logging these products, and I never needed the extra boost in the gym. Every time I went to the gym, the combo of (IntraXCell) Beta-Alanine + SizeOn's "Outlast" kept my endurance sky high, and rest times down.

    Thanks again to EVERYONE who followed along, encouraged me, and provided me with tips during this log!

  3. Beast69 with video:

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Thursday, Oct. 19 - Push


    Push-press - 160x3, 160x3, 160x3
    -Started at 80% of 1RM, will increase 5lbs per push workout

    Incline DB Press - 90'sx5, 90'sx4, 90'sx4
    -extra rep on first set

    CG bench - 195x6, 195x6, 195x6
    -still increasing weight, going to lower reps for a few workouts

    Another morning workout, but felt strong as ever. Today was my last day to workout before sunday (event day), and I didn't want to work out my legs today due to my back, which is wrecked from yesterday's deadlift PR workout (wrecked in a VERY good way ), so shoulders it was. Workout went well, and focus was nothing less than expected when using SteelEdge.

    Pertaining to IntraXcell/SteelEdge...
    -Focus is excellent throughout entire workout, including at the end of an intense session
    -recovery time between sets is reduced
    -Strength and endurance are continually rising


    Review of IntraXCell: So for so great. My pushups and reps have gone up. My strength and endurance have greatly increased. The prickling feeling has gone, I miss it. 10/10

    Steel Edge: Great energy from it during my workouts. Also my recovery is quicker. 10/10

    Fyre: This stuff has killed my hunger. Which is great, I dont have the snack urge. Still providing a good pick up of energy throughout the day. So thats good. 10/10

    PRT Results from this morning.

    Pushups: 83 YEAH BABY!!!! Just got to push out 17 more....Got to work on those quick muscle fibers

    Situps: 80 I dont think Ill every get a 6 pack, but my stomach will be as strong as a steel beer keg

    Run: 1330. Pretty good decrease in my time. Not were I wish it was but its a start. This is my weakest area. My goal is to get 12 mins by March.

    Over all note I didnt feel worn out after the prt which is good. I also feel that I may have been able to push harder on the run...not sure if the reason I didnt was a mental thing or what. At the end of the month ill push harder and see where I am at.

    Ill try to get some pictures up tongiht for a 2 week look.

    To me the chest fat has decreased, but my stmoach is still there. Weight is at 210. Not bad from 215. 2 weeks 5lbs. Need to pick up the cardio though. My goal is 200 at the end of the month...ok ok 205.

    [COLOR="Red"]EricTheRed- ,
    Final Review

    Well i do have to say for cutting and this only being my only "non staple" supp. i'm pretty impressed with some of my results. As for this being the next creatine i would have say it falls into the realm but this product really isnt for explosive muscle strenght but really helps in the endurance part. Pumps were pretty good and this product really can help for distance runners or for long cardio sessions, i have to say i never really jumped on a bike for a few months and then to do a 50min cardio session with my Animal cap and sweatshirt on in the gym sweating my you know what off really did help alot.

    I do have to say however this product does take a few weeks to fully kick in and i could tell you can still see better results the longer you take it (2-3months) so i wouldnt say this is a one month, one hit wonder but should be taken for longer periods of time but will be worth it. I can see this product to be a lower cost version of MAN bodyoctane.

    As for side effects i would say its pretty negative effect free, i never really felt the tingle as you would with beta-alaine but i never did with similar products such as H-blocker. The only thing is that the pills smell pretty nast so make sure you have the cap on tight or you will wake up to a pretty nasty smelling dorm room the next morning

    here is the final weight

    start- roughtly 216lbs

    end-around 210lbs

    Well this is pretty on task for keeping it around 1-1.5lbs lost per week but i could telll this was a good amount of water which takes me to the next thing that you wont feel bloated as you would with regular creatine. I'm still working on the slowly but surely cut and will contine with my hyperdrol and Mass FX log so feel free to drop by that which will be up hopefully tomorrow.

    So all in all this product was pretty good, endurance was up with some cell volumization and my strenght was starting to creep up which i'm fine with when it comes to cutting. I would suggest IntraXCell and i would wish AEN the best of luck in its future ventures, this product is pretty good for the price.

    rating 8.5/10

    I will be posting pics tomorrow as i killed the battery in my camera. Have a safe and happy new year everyone and thanks for all the support while doing this log!


    Day 29
    Bottle is empty!?!


    Every workout, I will highlight 3-4 exercises, in which i think i will see the most improvement!

    Machine Press: 50x10 80x15 110x10 130x8 150x6(PR!)

    Bench: 45x25 135x5 185x1 225x1(PR!) 230x0
    Felt like i could do 230 just didn't, will attempt on Friday!

    Incline Bench: 45x10 135x8 175x5 185x3 185x2 135x8(pause at bottom)
    Felt good!

    Tricep Pulldowns: 80x8 120x8 150x8
    My tricep/shoulder is doing alot better and that makes me happy!

    Misc: Very happy about 225. My goal was to hit 230 by the end of January and i almost accomplished that today! Today is my last day until i get my other bottle!

    Dosing: I took 3 pills 15-minutes prework and 3 pills post with my special post workout shake!


  4. Farangtlsw:

    Final thoughts…

    Some background
    Due to my age, job nature, poor diet timing, poor appetite, weight control, family, etc reasons, I have not experienced muscle growth/strength increase for the last 3 years. Plus almost all my training aspects took a tumble i.e. my recovery/ strength/ fatigue delays/ exercise intensity/ endurance & focus.

    My friend highlighted Intraxcell and SteelEdge to me with a promise that it could deliver results & boost the training aspects I was looking for. Many thanks to AEN for sponsoring this log.

    As I have never taken any BA supplements before, it is a great experience to try something new. I enjoyed the prickling sensation it gave me & craved for it to come every single time. The sensation gradually subsided since mid way 3rd week ~ last week of my log.

    The result is not dramatic but progress is slow & steady. I noticed the muscle fullness & strength increase from this product. Towards mid 2nd week of my log, my quads & body felt exploded/muscular fullness upon waking.

    Almost all exercises I have done virtually has some degree of poundage increase, if not, increase in reps. On days when I didn’t have sufficient calories, my strength hold on steady. This is definitely a positive attribute.

    I am a not flavor person so flavor rating is 7.

    Heart rate, focus, concentration, energy & endurance were lifted in the gym. ½ scoop is enough for my workout but I prefer the 1 scoop split between preWO & during WO for endurance & recovery booster!

    It is not the kind of jittery effect from thermogenics I took before. Just plain good clean energy. And the need to breathe during cardio is lesser degree. I felt my recovery has improved since the log.

    What I truly like is it helps eliminate & boost a faster recovery from DOMS. This is the kind of product features I am looking for right now.

    Overall rating
    IntraXCell – 8 out of 10 Solid!
    SteelEdge - 9 out of 10 Awesome

  5. Hoffman:

    Day 30

    Workout: Chest

    Bench press 235x4 245x3 250x3
    Incline db 85lbs 3x6 *** felt very easy could have gone to 90's but school's next highest are 95lbs
    Weighted Dips BW+80lbs 3x6
    DB Flat bench 45lbs 1x falilure

    Comments: Well its my last day of the provided product... but I just recieved my new bottle of Intraxcell.. To credit all my gains to this products would be unreal and just a flat out lie..... I credit muscle memory and a new strength program ... also a increased caloric diet as well.... BUT Intraxcell has clearly allowed me to get work outs done in a shorter amount of time then before... I'm clearly recovering faster inbetween sets... also I catch my breath faster when i do cardio in gym... this product will be great for people who are run a tight schedule and need to get there full work outs done in 30mins but yet still go all out with enough rest to get your max effort lifts ..Weigh in on wensday... If any one would like to comment on how i have written this log plz post... so my next tester log will be even beter! THANKS

    Final Review

    This was my very first sponsored supplement log. I was initially interested in both the products SteelEdge and IntraXCell to assist me with muscle gain (hypotrophy) and strength. I found that they were a beneficial addition to proper nutrition and basic supplementation. While I had used other preworkout formulaes, I had never had a chance to try Beta-Alanine, so this was a good opportunity. I will review each product separately.

    I definitely noticed the energy that this product gave me. For the first week, my HR and energy was lifted in the gym...just like with any product with stimulants in it (caffeine) that energy can plateau. I found by taking 1/2 scoop preworkout and then taking the other 1/2 scoop while training, that my energy was more fixed and constant. This worked well for me. The thing that I think would make SE better, would be the inclusion of creatine. I feel that it does help with energy in the gym, but being a regular creatine preworkout blend taker, I found that SE might have lacked there. Personally, I would not buy the SE as I find that a preworkout blend with added creatine is more beneficial for me. That is not to say that this product wouldn't work for others. Overall Rating - 6/10

    The flavour of the SE was citris and it tasted like orange zing/crush cordial. I was pretty easy to mix and it wasn't too sweet or chemical tasting. Overall Rating for taste - 9/10

    As I had never experience this supplement before, it was a great thing to try. I didn't really experience the initial "prickling" that comes from supplementing from Beta-Alanine like some people do. I did get slight tingling in various parts of my skin but this wasn't uncomfortable and very mild. This tinging decreased over time and was eventually non-existent. Because BA takes some time to flood the muscles (3-4weeks), I found that only really noticed it's effects in the 3rd week on. For me, this wasn't a dramatic benefit, but I did notice that I could push further into end reps. I do feel that it helped me with strength (similar to creatine does for me, but it did feel different) and I can see that there is potential for this supplement. I am hoping to stack another bottle of IntraXCell (waiting on shipment...damn Australian Customs have it!) with a preworkout Creatine blend as I am really interested to see how they can work together to help me with my workouts.

    I also noticed some great pumps on this product and now that I have run out (my last two doses were only 1/2 doses), I can tell I this morning that I more flat that I have been recently. I noticed , while on IntraXCell that I looked more full even in the morning on waking, especially in my biceps.

    I think that BA has a real future in the bodybuilding supplement field and it will be interesting to see how the research pans out on this one.
    Overall Rating - 8/10


    Now for my results!

    I gained quite a bit of strength in some exercises during the 30 days. I am not sure if the supplements were purely due to this, as I generally always are pulling out PBs and strength increases as that is one of my goals when working out.

    Halfway through this log, I stopped a bulk that I had been doing for 4-5months. I have since then gone into maintenance and in a few weeks, I will be starting my journey to diet down for a bb comp in March next year.

    Here are my measurements from the start of my log until today's date:

    Stats as at 18th October 2006
    138# same I gained 1# during the month and lost it again.

    Neck: 11.5" - same
    Shoulder: 41.5" - decrease 0.4"
    Chest: 34" decrease 0.11#
    Waist: 26" same
    Abs: 28" same
    Hips: 34.5" decrease 0.7#
    Thigh: 22" same
    Quads: 19" decrease0.5#
    Flexed Quads: 20" same
    Knee: 12.7" same
    Calf: 14.75" same
    Bicep: 11.5" decrease 0.5"
    Flexed Bicep: 12" decrease 0.5"
    Forearm: 9.5" increase 0.25"

  6. Jaymode:


    End Weight: 186.5lbs +1.4lbs
    -This is lean weight. I do not gain weight very fast on this workout and diet. Its meant more for strength as I said in the beginning.

    Strength Gains: These are compared to the beginning of the product. (I took these from today's workout to make sure they were accurate)
    Midway results are also available.
    Squats 5x5:
    1st Set - 140lbs +5lbs
    2nd Set- 185lbs +5lbs
    3rd Set- 235lbs +10lbs
    4th Set- 245lbs +0lbs (this was both my 4th and 5th set previously)
    5th Set- 275lbs +30lbs

    Incline Bench 5x5:
    1st Set - 135 lbs +0lbs (feels so much easier now)
    2nd Set - 155lbs +10lbs
    3rd Set - 190lbs +10lbs
    4th Set - 205lbs +0lbs
    5th Set - 210lbs +5lbs + reps(at the beginning I was only able to get 205 for 3 on the 5th set)

    Bent Over Rows:
    1st Set: 85lbs +0lb
    2nd Set: 95lbs +0lb
    3rd Set: 115lbs +5lb
    4th Set: 125lbs +5lb
    5th Set: 145lbs +15lb (My form may be a little off but I really feel this last set a lot)

    Like I said, on Squat I can make big jumps but not 30lbs normally. I had been at a plateau so that explains the breakthrough increase.

    - This stuff keeps working from the point it kicks in all the way to the 30 day mark without a slowdown
    - The tingling can be very intense at first, but towards the end you get used to the effect and dont feel it as much
    - I feel like when you first begin to feel the effects of this product, you feel really strong but then hit a "wall" fairly quick; however, the more you continue the product the further back the wall gets pushed. It keeps working.
    - Better recovery

    Overall IntraXCell is an awesome product, I feel like it is better than any creatine.

    - Good focus during your workouts. Very much a tunnel vision effect.
    - Clean energy, not jitters or shakes.
    - Good taste. I began to miss drinking this on days that I did not workout.
    - It also seemed to put me in a better mood.

    Overall SteelEdge is a solid product. I am a stim junkie before workouts, but SteelEdge has been one of the best pre workout supplements I have taken that is not overly stimulating.

  7. EricThe Red IntraXCell review:

    Well i do have to say for cutting and this only being my only "non staple" supp. i'm pretty impressed with some of my results. As for this being the next creatine i would have say it falls into the realm but this product really isnt for explosive muscle strength but really helps in the endurance part. Pumps were pretty good and this product really can help for distance runners or for long cardio sessions, i have to say i never really jumped on a bike for a few months and then to do a 50min cardio session with my Animal cap and sweatshirt on in the gym sweating my you know what off really did help alot.

    I do have to say however this product does take a few weeks to fully kick in and i could tell you can still see better results the longer you take it (2-3months) so i wouldn't say this is a one month, one hit wonder but should be taken for longer periods of time but will be worth it. I can see this product to be a lower cost version of MAN bodyoctane.

    As for side effects i would say its pretty negative effect free, i never really felt the tingle as you would with beta-alaine but i never did with similar products such as H-blocker. The only thing is that the pills smell pretty nast so make sure you have the cap on tight or you will wake up to a pretty nasty smelling dorm room the next morning

    here is the final weight

    start- roughtly 216lbs

    end-around 210lbs

    Well this is pretty on task for keeping it around 1-1.5lbs lost per week but i could telll this was a good amount of water which takes me to the next thing that you wont feel bloated as you would with regular creatine. I'm still working on the slowly but surely cut and will contine with my hyperdrol and Mass FX log so feel free to drop by that which will be up hopefully tomorrow.

    So all in all this product was pretty good, endurance was up with some cell volumization and my strenght was starting to creep up which i'm fine with when it comes to cutting. I would suggest IntraXCell and i would wish AEN the best of luck in its future ventures, this product is pretty good for the price.

    rating 8.5/10

    I will be posting pics tomorrow as i killed the battery in my camera. Have a safe and happy new year everyone and thanks for all the support while doing this log!

  8. Saku IntraXCell Review:

    I have to say im very pleased with the results I got from my bottle of IXL. I ran a log so check it out.

    Lets look at the IXL write up.

    For a indepth FAQ please see the IntaXCell Thread:

    I always like to do a little research on products and supplements before I jump on the band wagon and buy stuff. It help me undeerstand why I should want to take what Iam taking and how it work. I thought I would share some of the info I have gathered.

    Now that we understand IXL, lets look at how accurate the claims are.

    IntraXCell Is Scientifically Formulated To:

    Boost Explosive Muscular Strength and Endurance, Forcing Lean Muscle Gains.
    Increase Intracellular Carnosine Levels and Fight Muscular Fatigue & Metabolic Acidosis.
    Extreme Muscle Fullness and Vascularity.
    Naturally Boost the Power Antioxidant Glutathione and Fight Cellular Fatigue.
    History Is About To Be Made Once Again!

    Boost Explosive Muscular Strength and Endurance, Forcing Lean Muscle Gains.

    I rate that statement 10/10. I did find a boost in my strenght. as you can see from my log weight and reps increased on all my excercises.

    Increase Intracellular Carnosine Levels and Fight Muscular Fatigue & Metabolic Acidosis.

    From the data I have gathered, including the effects it I recieved from IXL I rate that statement as 10/10

    Extreme Muscle Fullness and Vascularity.

    10/10. Vascularity definelty improved and was present for the whole log.

    Naturally Boost the Power Antioxidant Glutathione and Fight Cellular Fatigue History. Is About To Be Made Once Again!

    Again from the data I have gathered I would have to agree, history will be once again made. 10/10

    Final Thoughts

    I was impressed with the product and how it stood up to the claims. I really feel this is one spectacular product. I will continue to use this product for 2 more months then cycle off for about 4 weeks then ill be back on for 3 months. I feel this product will be beneficial to thoes cutting or bulking.

    Also just for the record, I was fighting a cold for 2.5 weeks of my log and I still managed to push out personal records just about everyday. I can't wait to see the true potential of IXl when Im not sick.


    >>> FINAL REVIEW <<<


    This is the final review from my 30 day AEN IntraXCell log.

    Athletic Edge Nutrition’s IntraXCell product is only the second beta alanine product I’ve ever tried, and the first time I’ve tried beta alanine without any form of creatine alongside it.

    Over the course of using IntraXCell my training was divided into two sections. Weeks 1-2 can at the end of a very high volume phase, with workouts lasting up to 56 sets at the end of the final week. Weeks 3-4+ were more geared toward strength and intensity.

    Other than training everything, including my diet was very baseline and consistent- nothing else fancy going on at all during this other than the addition of the IntraXCell.


    >>> PRODUCT:

    Bottle looked great. Nice packaging- obviously some careful thought had gone on into the design and feel of the product. There’s a ton of reading on the side compared to other products which I liked. Obviously a lot of it is marketing but it’s still informative and claims weren’t outrageous by any means. The caps themselves are tasteless and odourless. When I got to the last few servings there was the distinct eggy whiff of NAC but it was very mild.

    >>> STRENGTH:

    As explained earlier I had the oppertunity to test parameters over two segments- the Volume Phase and the Intensity Phase.

    My strength goal during the Volume Phase was to maintain strength over increasing volume. I think I managed this surprisingly successfully. Moving from a total of 35 sets to 56 sets (5 sets per exercise to 8 sets per exercise) my strength barely wavered to the point where I only lost around 5% strength from set 1 to 8. The great thing was that every session I left the gym absolutely trashed with zero left in the tank yet the next session I had enough to keep up the template of the program.. although I’d leave equally as trashed.

    Moving from the Volume Phase to the Intensity Phase presented many interesting contrasts for me. In terms of strength though there was some slight improvements from the volume phase but nothing beyond what I’d contribute to training alone.

    >>> RECOVERY:

    Inter-set recovery was typically excellent throughout both training phases. During the Volume Phase I drop rest times significantly and still feel recovered enough within a 60 second rest time to be able to start the next set. This helped me keep high volume workouts both concise and intense. Unsurprisingly I typically find that the main compound movements require much more recovery time than isolation movements, but this difference seemed a lot less significant whilst on IntraXCell.

    During the lower volume Intensity Phase the workouts were more geared toward strength. Here it seemed that whilst recovery was still improved, it was slightly less improved compared to recovery between higher volume sets. I think some of this may have been related to the extra cardio-vascular recovery required when specifically both ‘lifting heavy’ and to concentric failure.

    >>> ENDURANCE:

    Endurance was an aspect in which IntraXCell really did shine. After the series of gruelling high volume workouts I felt like I couldn’t do any more but every session I went back and increased the volume I could not only keep up the volume but maintain quality throughout those sets. This occurred session after session and really allowed me to tackle 56 set workouts head on and in a concise fashion (unlike my final reviews ).

    During the Intensity sessions I still noticed increased endurance and recovery between sessions, but it was really telling at the end of my workouts for two reasons. Firstly, my workouts during the Intensity sessions ended up very short- much shorter than I would expect and I put this down to increased recovery between sets. Secondly, at the end of my workouts I very much felt like I had a tonne more energy left in me. Which nicely leads me to discuss IntraXCell cardio…

    >>> CARDIO:

    … as cardio on IntraXCell had some perks of its own. Firstly, having a shorter more intense workout provides you with the time at the end of my workouts for some quality cardio. Also, still feeling fresh at the end of my workout gave me the motivation to get on a treadmill for a few miles- helping me attain my fitness goals. I also found that muscular endurance was notably improved during cardio sessions and ultimately I was only limited by my cardiovascular fitness, which obviously improved over time.


    I noticed some slight leaning out, but nothing attributable to anything other than high volume workout and cardio. I did also put on a small amount of weight (~1.5lbs) which was nice after dropping some weight after ceasing creatine at the end of last year in order to come into this log 'clean'.


    There was no discernible change in either vascularity or pumps. Normally I don’t respond particularly great to NO booster type products in terms of pumps but I have usually noticed massively improved vascularity in my calves as weird as it may sound. Whilst using IntraXCell I did not notice anything like this. The benefit of this was that I suffered no or back calf pumps during cardio sessions.


    I thought I’d put a little comment in here on the beta alanine tingles. I’ve used a beta alanine product before and never experienced the ‘tingles’ before. Throughout most of this log I again experienced zero tingle type effects. However, towards the end of the bottle I did experienced it twice- strangely enough both times were when I took my IntraXCell along with some Diet Coke. Once was after a meal and the second was one of the rare occasions I took a dose an hour away from a meal. Both times the tingles felt like a a ‘prickly heat’ type thing running across my back, forearms, hands and fingers. It wasn’t a bad feeling but I didn’t enjoy it either. Both experiences lasted 10-15 minutes.

    Other than that there were zero sides. No gastrointestinal problems or anything else.



    Finally, I really liked the product overall. Having never used a beta alanine standalone product before it was an enjoyable experience. Many people will say that bulk beta alanine is better value. For me it’s a matter of what you want out of the product. IntraXCell represents a convenient and fuss free way of taking beta alanine. I like the addition of NAC and ALA. Although I’m uncertain about the dose of ALA in this product, given that the effectiveness of beta alanine is said improve alongside carbs/meals the ALA is a nice addition at meal time, particularly higher carb ones.

    We've all heard the remarks that beta alanine is 'the next creatine'. As a non-responder to regular creatine monohydrate I would say that IntraXCell easily blew that away in all departments. I think I've enjoyed MCC the most out of all creatine products I've tried as this was the only form from which I gained a discernible amount of strength, something which I didn't notice from IntraXCell either. In terms of endurance and stamina though IntraXCell stands toe to toe with all of the (standalone) creatine products I've ever tried.

    I would certainly recommend it to endurance and sports athletes as well as those training in high volume ranges based on recovery and endurance enhancement of this product. Based on my experiences changes in strength were less significant, but that does not overshadow the potential benefits in recovery and endurance for those training for strength and lower volume either.

    I’d hope that the fact that you can’t really ‘feel’ the product (other than perhaps the ‘tingles’) doesn’t put people off for more ‘glamorous’ supplementation. Overall, whilst it wasn’t a mind blowing product the subtle but important effects of IntraXCell/beta alanine will certainly put it into my regular supplement list and I’d definitely recommend it as a core supplement to anyone looking to develop upon their fitness related goals.

  10. Selfishself:

    I was chosen to be one of the testers for SteelEdge and IntraXCell. This is my review of SteelEdge for those of you who do not follow logs.

    Taste-I really thought from the smell of SteelEdge that it was going to taste much better. Im not complaing at all because SteelEdge tasted did taste great, for some reason I just expected more. The taste is very citrus like and the aftertaste is amazing. If you have have ever had a citrus flavored powdered multivitamin, I would compare it to that. The taste is nothing to complain about and is quite refreshing compared to NO-Xplode and Shock that taste like very sweet soda pop. When you drink SteelEdge you actually feel like your drinking a bodybuilding product, not candy. I would compare the taste most closely to tang as did my girlfriend who has never tried a supplement. 8/10

    Mixability I mixed SteelEdge with 12 oz of cold water and mixed it in a Bodybuilding.com mixer bottle. SteelEdge, after about 15 seconds of shaking, mixed great! There was no clumps or particles floating around. Its awsome only having to use 1 scoop of this as opposed to using 4 scoops for NO-Xplode. NO-Xplode may seem like it comes with more, but serving based, SteelEdge wins. The other great thing is that SteelEdge only needs to be taken on workout days. It makes you wish workoutday was everyday.Great mixability 10/10

    Energy/Focus This is where SteelEdge really shines. This product blows everything out of the water as far as mental focus goes. As I said earlier I felt as if I could lift the weight with just my mind. The energy was perfect. At no point did I ever get the jitters but I did feel a constant buzz that got my through my workout with no bs. Awsome feeling all around in the gym. 10/10

    Pump/Strength I had some really good pumps today and my body felt really swole the entire time. I was suprised by how well the pump was with relatively so little arginine. I was impressed that a company decided not to put tons of L-Arginine in a preworkout formula. It's my opinion that arginine is a useless ingrediant and only offers superficial benefits. What makes SteelEdge special is the synergy of other ingrediants COMBINED with L-Arginine to create an awsome pump. This is what really makes this product shine. Great pumps and instant size; you can't really ask for more in a product. 10/10

    Formula This formula is very well thought out and is deffintly the most impressive formula on the market. This product used all the good stuff and left out all the bad. This is a true bodybuilding formula designed to function not to just look good. 10/10

    Conculsion This is deffintly the best pre workout formula I have ever used. It is made for a true bodybuilder which is refreshing considering the market is flooded with such bad formulated products made to impress consumers with fancy labels and candy like taste. This product is going to explode on the market as soon as more people hear about it.


    Boost Explosive Muscular Strength and Endurance, Forcing Lean Muscle Gains.

    Rating : 9 out of 10

    It definitely boosted my strength. My overall strength has gone up through the roof..even dealing with a shoulder injury.I gained 4lbs on this log! Which was my log goal.

    Attributes Increase Intracellular Carnosine Levels and Fight Muscular Fatigue.

    Rating : 8 out of 10

    After performing 1 exercise, I could move onto another pretty quickly without heavy breathing. My rest periods got shorter..they went from 3mins at the begining of the log..to 2-2 1/2 mins at the end.

    Attributes Extreme Muscle Fullness and Vascularity.

    Rating : 10 out of 10.

    Deffinitly there....o man the pumps were CRAZY good! Some days i could barely flex the muscle i was working...it was great.


    I am giving IntraXCell an 8 overall rating since this is the first time I ever tried a supplement with Beta-A in it. I can't make a comparison with other BA supplements..yet. The results were quite fast for me...it only took about a week for me to get the full benefits of the BA.

    Thanks all you guys for visiting my log..and contributing your post i appreciate it
  12. IntraXCell Review by young_squatter!!

    Quote Originally Posted by young_squatter View Post
    IntraXcell Final Review

    Strength: 9 out of 10
    I am very hesitant to give any product a 10 on anything, But I give this a 9 for sure. I was getting stronger each workout with IntraXcell well maintaining my bodyweight throughout the whole thing. I find that pretty remarkable, the biggest PR was the 40 lbs PR I got on barbell bench press.

    Endurance: 9 out of 10
    This product made each workout so easy it was kind of sad, I always felt like I could of done so much more well taking intraXcell and had to hold myself back a lot so I didnt overtrain. I actually ended up going from hitting each muscle once a week to twice and the strength gains were better. This was my favorite part of intraXcell and the cardio workouts were much much easier which is always a plus, because cardio is a drag.

    Body Composition: 8 out of 10
    I maintained my weight throughout this whole log, BUT I am notciably leaner then before and stronger. So this leads me to conclude that I lost a bit of fat well actually gaining some lean mass. This whole log was kind of a recomp and I must say it went very well.

    Overall Rating: 9 out of 10
    I highly recommend intraXcell for anyone serious in training, I dont respond to creatine to well and was hesistant this product would not work but it worked great. Very happy with the strength gains, the endurance and overall changes I made to my physique during my short log. I am now supplementing with Bulk Beta Alaline at the moment to see if it works as good as intraXcell, we will see. Thumbs up to Atheletic Nutrition for a great supplement.

    Thanks to all who are with Atheltic Nutrition for letting me log this, and sorry for taking so long to post my review.
  13. Lightbulb Review by BeringC

    Quote Originally Posted by Bering C View Post
    This will be a review not a day to day log. I used Steel Edge last year before it was Steel Edge, I liked it very much so when the improved formula was available along with Intraxcell I purchased 3 of each. I am about 2 weeks into a stack of 2 or 3 doses per day of intraxcell 3 caps per dose and Steel Edge when I am either riding or working. I have experienced the same effects as per the tingling sensation it seems to happen regardless of food intake but it is not unpleasant so no big deal, I have most definitley noticed an increase in vascularity and an increase in endurance. A few days ago I went for a spring ride with some friends and it was a 6 hr 60 - 70 mile cross country heavy wet snow ride, very very physical, it takes all the strength and agility to ride cross country up and down valleys, lots of jumping off of cornices (need strong legs to withstand the impact of a 20 ft freefall to flat ground) from the tip of your fingers to the bottoms of your feet you feel it. I had a Steel edge cocktail that I drank throughout the ride and along with the Intraxcell I was ready to fill up with gas again and go back out when we got back in from the ride whereas all my friends were done, wiped out ready for bed. After I got home I observed a huge pump all throughout my upper body, vascularity, and hardness which lasted quite a few hrs. So all in all I like it. Big Thumbs up.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Selfishself View Post

    Strength 7/10

    For me the strength gains came right at the end of the 30 days. Its wierd how for three weeks I felt nothing and then the last week my strength really improved. The strength boost is much stronger than that of any creatine I have taken so far. I am happy with the strength that I have gained but it is sad that it took so long to kick in.

    Price 10/10

    The fact that you can get 3 bottles for 81 bucks is an awsome deal. This product is well worth the price as is one of the best supplements I have taken to date. Great price for a great product.

    Size 10/10

    The pictures dont justify the size I have put on in the past month. I have really turned my body around and I can tell. Im very happy with the 12lbs I have put on. I going to try to get some better pictures up as soon as possible but with the pictures I have provided I think its easy to tell that I have put some solid mass on.

    Vascularity 8/10

    Veins where sticking out in places that I had never had veins before. It was not like an arginine product but there was increased vascularity. The veins in my shoulders really pop out where as before they never did. I have not dropped wieght nor gained bodyfat so these veins have been getting bigger.

    Formula 10/10

    This is just not a BA product. IntraXCell has an awsome antioxidant formula that many other BA products lack. This alone puts IntraXCell at the top of the pack when talking about BA products.

    Endurance 9/10

    If it wasnt for the fact that the gym had hours I would be there all day. I never really felt like I had a complete workout because my muscles never got really tired. This allowed me to beat my muscles down and have them recover at just the same rate. Awsome feeling

    Final 8.5/10

    This is a great product by a straight up company. The mass and strength gains that come with this product gives any creatine a real run for its money. I can only imagine the damage both creatine and IntraXCell could do together. This is one of my favorite supplements and one that everyone could use.

    Pre Log

    Day 19

    End Pict

    Day 19

    End Pict

  15. Cool

    Quote Originally Posted by rich55 View Post

    I must first say that I REALLY enjoyed this product stack. SteelEdge certainly gave me an excellent boost of energy, intensity, endurance and all the necessary drive to push heavier weights in the gym. No matter if my workouts were late, early or how tired I was they rocked after slamming that stuff back. NICE WORK!

    My Results

    Bodyweight: 175 (up 8 lbs in 4 weeks!!!)
    Waist: 30" (up 1") - not too shabby

    I couldn't be happier with these results

    I give SteelEdge a 5 out of 5 based on effects alone. BUT factoring in the PRICE here at BN, I would lower it to a 4 out of 5.

    IntraXCell is really hard to evaluate. I felt my endurance and workouts improve about the 2-3 week range, but it is really difficult to determine the causes due to other variables. I certainly felt a small boost, but it is hard to isolate the true benefits of this product relative to other products. I would rank the product a 3.5 to 4 for these reasons factoring in cost as well.

    THANKS VERY MUCH TO ATHLETIC EDGE for enabling me to test these products!!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by kixazz2529 View Post
    First up for individual review: STEEL EDGE

    I was very impressed with this product.

    First off, I am still not sure as to why I did not get the great pumps that everyone else has but thats my one negative. However, good news is that I did feel a nice consistent pump. And everyone else who is testing has flet a great pump from these...so it looks as if for some reason it was just me.

    Now for the goods:
    The focus is awesome. When I lift and go heavy i get in a "zone". I am focused on just the weight and getting it up nothing else. The more focused I am, the easier my lift and the more I am able to do. However, it usually takes me alot to get in that zone.
    Steel Edge seemed to put me in that zone right away. And not only did it get me there quick, but it kept me there. I was finding myself into it first set, last set, heavy weight light weight. If you can relate to this, this is truely an awesome feeling, and made only better by the fact I got in that zone so easily. For me personally, I found this product to work awesome for this.
    I had tried a few differen pre-workout drinks and never felt that before. So this was awesome!
    The energey was there too...Not a crazy hands shaking, type of energy. But you could feel it and it lasted most of the lift. I liked this because It wasn't overwhelming and did not upset my stomach at all, something that alot of preworkout mizes do.
    Would I like a little more in there...possibly...but anything more and i think it may just be too much.(Everyone has their own tolerance) But I found this to be very good.

    Overall: I believe this enhanced me lifts pretty well. It got me "in the zone" and "focised" better than anythign I have expereinced before. I personally, didn't feel the crazy pumps that everyone else did, but I felt a nice consistent pump going. I do wish I felt it more like everyone else, but still decent. And the energy was nice, again not overwhelming but definately noticeable and felt throughout the whole lift.

    Based on my experience, if you like being focused and in the zone when you lift, you MUST give this a try.

    Also, I think this is a great product for the money. If you follow the directions correctly, no reason this won't last 6 weeks.

    Thumbs up here!

    Next up: IntraXcell

    Where do I start.....

    Early on, the initial effects I felt were It had me feeling very Lean quick. And this feeling has lasted the whole log so far. And it is pronounced....I really did feel much leaner for whatever reason.

    In terms of my lifts, I felt the pump again, but for whatever reason not as great as everyone else. I wish i had and am unsure why, but it is definately a nice consistent pump, but I wouldn't say truely mind-blowing, unfortunately. But, thankfully every other tester it seems has felt those mind-blowing pumps.
    (I would say as of recent weeks 5 and 6 i am feeling it alot more for whatever reason)
    My weight stayed pretty consistent early.

    During week 3, i really started to notice this kicking in in the gym. I was doing heavier weights and the same weights for more reps. From week to week, I seemed for the most part to get the same week more times than I had the previous week and without much of a problem.

    I think you are doing this product an injustice to run only one bottle. I am really feeling it the past 2 weeks and my weights and reps just keeping going up and up.

    Overall, I was very pleased with this product. I felt much leaner right away, and felt this still to this point. I felt a difference around week 3 in my lifts, really being able to jump up my weights and reps. I feel this is more pronounced in weeks 5 and 6.
    Also, as a note....I agined a solid 4 lbs through the 4 weeks. I think alot of it is good weight and I am definately noticabley bigger from when i started. I think part of this is due to me getting back into lifting but I feel the IntraXcell helped me alot with my transformation!

    If you are currently taking this, try 2 bottles. I am currently and am very happy with my decision. I believe you will get the most out of this product if you do at least 2 bottles and if you keep it to 1 you are limiting its potential!

    I think Athletic Edge Nutrition did very well with these products. I dont think there are many that provide the feelings and benefits of SteelEdge and the results of IntraXcell.
    And, I am not just saying this. I think if you read around you will find many of the same results and feedback for these products.

    You really don't have much to lose....if nothing else you will not be breaking your wallet to try these out.

    Good luck to all those who give this a try and I hope your results are comparible.
    Thanks to Athletic Edge Nutrition for the opportunity. I really appreciated it and I hope my log was up to your standards and will help those trying to make a decision on this stack.

    If you have any questions fire away!

    I am going to try to keep this log going...I slacked last week but am logging again this week. Posts may not be up until late this week or Early next week as I am going to Ohio for a wedding, but i will be lifting and logging, so check back in!

    Again, any questions/feedback feel free! I'd love to answer anything you have!
    Thanks for the review KA

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ncsu06 View Post
    alright so everything is over now...i have finished both the steeledge and the IXL...so here it goes

    SteelEdge - Taste was rather good...one of the better tasting products in my opinion. Effects from the steeledge were very good. I actually felt like my muscles were harder than ever before on steeledge. It gave me a great pump in the gym. Mental focus was decent not the best i have had but still very high quality. The only down side of the steel edge is that it didn't mix all that well. There was setiment after shaking a couple of times...OVERALL - Very good product and for the price makes it even better

    IntraXCell - enough can't be said about IXL. I absolutely love this product. Incredible muscle endurance during my workouts and i even felt better doing cardio as well. I was able to push myself harder and add on some workouts to better myself. Great product...will def. be a staple in my supplementation during wrestling season. AEN give yourself a pat on the back for this one. OVERALL - one of the better products that i have used and its great b/c you can really feel the difference.

    Thank you again AEN i appreciate this oppurtunity..good luck in the future..

  18. Quote Originally Posted by kylejones45 View Post
    Steel Edge From Athletic Edge Nutrition(Full Spectrum Pre-Workout Formula)

    Full-Spectrum Pre-Workout
    Formula, specifically designed to take advantage of the latest advancements in Nutrient Timing Science!

    Exercise Intensity & Energy & consistent motivation.
    Lean Muscle & Protein Synthesis.
    Recovery, Electrolyte Balance.
    Better RESULTS.

    Mixability 8/10 It mixes well but there was always a little bit left, nothing too major but it wasn't the best.

    Taste 8/10 The taste is good, not great. It isn't something I had to fight to get down so that's a good thing!

    Pump/Intensity The pump was great with this product. It usually set in around 15 minutes of my workout, the intensity was great and I had no problems with this product at all!

    Strength Increase I didn't notice much coming from Steel Edge in this department, but the workout intensity was so well that it aided me in finishing every one of my workouts!

    Overall this product was a good pick up. I wanna thank Athletic Edge for this product and I did enjoy it. It's definitely something I would recommend for people to give a try. Its a solid product and its something I will buy again later in the future.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Jason2459 View Post
    Final Review!

    I took on this test back in April to see how I would react with SteelEdge and IntraXCell. I extended the four week test to eight weeks, which I paid for, because I know my body would probably take a little while before the IntraXCell would kick in and really give me anything really noticeable and worthy of writing anything up on. So, here are the two products broken down.

    IT WORKS!! I guess I can be a little more descriptive then that. IT WORKS RIGHT AWAY!!! ? okay okay more info, I get it. I really didn?t know what to expect from this product. I never took any kind of stimulants, focusing, nootropics, or what ever category this product wishes to fall into. The entire two weeks I could feel the effects and they never dwindled. I did take the last week off from taking it and took them only on my max attempt days here this last week in a double dose to really feel the punch.

    In about 15minutes I can start feeling the effects. Its effects are much different then if I were to drink several cups of coffee. It?s not just a caffeine rush that would make me all jittery. However, I did have some good foot tapping times to the tunes I was listening too here and there. It gave me more of a sense of being fully awake and not just dragging myself out of bed at 5:30am. I would feel ready to go and have the energy for a full workout that could last several hours, which I don?t do anyways but I felt like I could. I would normally take only one scoop but when I did take two scoops then it was a complete rush. I would feel like getting up and playing the air guitar across the gym floor.

    I always wondered what people meant when they said something gave them focus. I always figured I had a lot of focus because of my training and not because of some supplement. On a few occasions, not all the time for me, I finally felt what it was meant for a product to produce focus. I?m usually in a zone but on those few times I was in an entire different zone then normal. Very hard to describe, but I wouldn?t think about anything else then the weights in front of me. I wouldn?t remember hearing any music or seeing any people just lifting, pushing, and pulling the weights.

    So, overall great product. Taste is a bit bitter but very doable. It worked every time. Gave a great boost but didn?t go overboard. The focus when it came around was very nice!

    This was the one I knew I?d have to wait for any kind of effects. This was the main reason I really wanted to do this test. I?ve always been a Eat food and just stick to the basic supplement kind of guy. You know, take the protein powder only when necessary other wise EAT, take a multi, and just the past year got into creatine. I was even wondering if creatine was helping me. I stopped taking creatine about a month before this opportunity came around because I didn?t know if it was actually helping. It turns out it was helping with recovery. I don?t know about strength because that didn?t go down at all but by about three weeks after stopping I was starting to get some serious DOMS and harder to recover from one workout to the next. I was about to start taking creatine when this opportunity came around and decided what the heck lets try it out.

    I took three caps before and after workout and three caps in the morning three caps in the evening on non-training days. It took about four weeks until I realized it was actually starting to work. I looked back at week three and realized my DOMS was starting to go away a little sooner. Every week after that, I had less and less DOMS and quicker and quicker recovery times. The last few weeks I have had zero DOMS and fully ready to go for my next workout. I can definitely say that this product has done exactly what I hoped it would do and that is to help with recovery between training sessions. I haven?t been taking it light and easy either, at least not for me. I?ll let the numbers in my log speak for me there.

    The IntraXCell delivered exactly what I wanted and severely needed in order to help keep up with the training that I do. The caps are very convenient and on a few occasions I uncapped them into my shaker to take with me. They do have a slight smell so don?t be surprised there.

    I plan to take IntraXCell again in about two or three months for a three month cycle along with creatine and will probably keep SteelEdge in my arsenal for those days that I really really need the boost. Thanks so much Athletic Edge Nutrition and everyone that has commented on my log or has been following along. I have to make special mention of Skircus7 as you've really been there pretty much every day.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted View Post
    IntraXcell by Athletic Edge Nutrition -

    Does this product impact endurance and muscular performance ?

    I noticed during my log there came a point where i could tell IXL was working, things came easier and my performance rarely waned. It was about day 18 or so that i noticed changes and my body temperature increased, my muscles felt strong and i didnt really get tired.

    Did i lose any fat on this 30 day adventure ?

    I think i have lost considerable fat, i am happy, but for others i will hope the pictures do me justice.

    Did i add any muscle ?

    I believe along with leaning down i managed to add some muscle and get closer to my PB strength that i achieved using PH's.

    How did i feel about the tingle ?

    I kinda of liked the sensation IXL gave me, sometimes it was unexepected when habitually popping pills.

    All in all would you use IXL again and given your experience would you recommend this to others ?

    I would use IXL again and will continue to use it for another 2 months (two bottles) that i purchased from nutra planet. I would also recommend IXL to anyone looking to increase performance and moreso endurance.

    On a 1 to 10 how would you rate IXL ?

    Its difficult to rate physiological changes on such a simple scale but i would say 9.5/10. Any product that can burn fat, add muscle, increase endurance safely, is top notch in my books. IXL limited lactic acid problems, and now i want to see how it does with some creatine.

    Steeledge by Athletic Edge Nutrition -

    Did steeledge improve your workouts ?

    It gave me clean jitter free workouts that seemed easier and more intense at the same time.

    What could be said about the flavor and mixability of SE ?

    SE mixed well, did not settle, and had a pleasant taste. If i could change anything it would be .. a flavour variety pack but i understand AEN would not ba able to offer this great pricing with such a product.

    Energy is one thing, did SE help you hydrate or affect your appetite ?

    I stayed hydrated rather easily and rarely did not have a PWO appetite.

    Would you continue using SE or recommend it to others ?

    I am continuing to use SE and have recommended it to others.

    On a 1 to 10 scale how would SE rate ?

    SE rates 9/10, it had all the positives i needed without the negatives i didnt. It might not be possible to make these nutrients taste better but it is the only thing i could think to improve. Where theres a taste theres an opinion.
    Great reviews SWG!!!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by PumpYouUp View Post
    IntraXcell One of the best supp's I have used, keeps you lifting as long as your mind will allow. It brought out veins that I didnt know I had and it helped lean me out. My strength did not increase a lot because that was not the goal, instead it was to help retain a lot of my gains from the last bulk. If your a athlete then this product is a must, the endurance gains are endless, especially if you stack it with,
    Steel Edge one of the best pre workout cocktails you can buy. It increases all of the benefits of IntraXcell and decease's the amount of time you need to recover! Two really great products at really great prices!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Biceps18 View Post
    IntraXCell Final Review

    First off I just want to thank everybody associated with AEN, that being the reps and Sebastian himself. They were all very helpful during these past 30 days and were an intricate part to this log. It should be known that this was my first time using a Beta-Alanine product aside from a couple random samples here and there. These are my own thoughts and are based on my performance over the past 30 days and also how the product performed. To learn more about IntraXCell, you should go here.


    I must say that strength was something that I commented on quite frequently during this log. Substantial gains in strength could be felt from the second week until the end of my 30 day cycle and many PR's were broken each and every workout. Most notably, my squat went from 225lbs for 8 reps to 245lbs for 8 reps. 225lbs was a plateau for me at this rep range and judging by the 20 pound increase in only a month, I feel that IntraXCell can be seen as a major contributer for this. Close grip bench press went from 135lbs to 155lbs at the same rep range! I began leg pressing 500lbs for 8 reps for the first time, a 50lbs increase from my previous PR! Judging from these solid gains in excercises where I was stalled at the most, strength has definitly gone up very quickly in only 30 days on this product. Numbers only tell half the story, I am using the same weight and rep range for some excercises, but this is with better form and sometimes after a superset or dropset. I have been very impressed with the extra strength latly and overall, contributes to this being a very solid product.

    OVERALL: 9.5/10


    Another claim made by AEN is that IntraXCell will increase endurace in athletic activites. Again, I felt these claims were met and far excedeed my expectations. From the first couple of days on, endurance was much better and my workouts improved greatly because of this. I work in a pool for 6 hours a day teaching swimming lessons and by the end of work I can feel pretty drained and tired. For a couple months leading up to my log my endurance was extremly poor and this is why I was interested in this product. Over the last month I was able to add extra sets and reps to different excercises and perform at a high level for the entire workout. I was able to utilize supersets and dropsets much more frequently then I was use to and as seen thoughout the log, I was left with extra energy at the end of my workout. Solid gains in this area.

    OVERALL: 9/10


    It should be known that I was on no NO product while this log was going on, so pumps can quite easily be attributed to this product. Pumps seemed a little hit and miss but for the most part I was quite impressed in this area as well. Pumps were quite intense at times and were evident immidiatly at the start of this log. Muscle fullness was good and this was felt long after my workout. Again solid in this area.

    OVERALL: 8/10



    Again I just want to thank AEN and also everyone who participated in and followed the log. You guys definitly made it an enjoyable experience and something that I will want to do again soon. It was very hard not to stay motivated and push hard during my workouts with all the great people doing the same and commenting on my progress. So I thank everyone for that and will definitly keep following all of your progress.

    IntraXCell is a product I would recommend to anybody who trains hard and is looking for an advantage in the gym. It far exceeded my expectations in many areas and as a supplement in general. I hope to work with AEN again and close this log now hoping that it will shed some light on what a great product this really is. Keep lifting hard!
    Very detailed review Biceps! :hot:

  23. Glad I could be of some assistance! Hopefully others will see this review and see what type of gains can be made while on this product.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Biceps18 View Post
    Glad I could be of some assistance! Hopefully others will see this review and see what type of gains can be made while on this product.
    Thank you my friend!
  25. Beejis60 Final Review~

    Quote Originally Posted by Beejis60 View Post

    Le Final Review

    Alright, well first off, thanks again to Sebastian and anyone else who had a hand in choosing me for this log. Also, a thanks goes out to the people who visited and busted my balls (and Tim for licking my balls )! I believe I first said that I would only be logging this in the aspect of pure strength, but I couldn't help but put it to the test in the recovery/endurance aspect as well.


    As for the strength aspect, I hit PRs on almost all lifts and if there was not PR, then there was an increase in reps and/or weights. My first and last weeks were exactly the same workouts and all the numbers went up. During my last week, I started with the same weight as performed on the first week and there was a quite noticable increase in reps. I then went onto "working weights" and carried on as usual.


    In the endurance/recovery category, I put this to test during the middle two weeks with dropsets of shoulders and arms. There was an increase, more or less, in volume and/or weight performed during these dropsets. I didn't really think it was feasible, nor safe, to perform dropsets of chest, back, and legs. However, in the future, I will attempt something simple maybe dumbbell flyes, lat pulls, and leg extensions for dropsets, but nothing intricate as what I had performed for my shoulders and arms. Long-story-short, I had some kickass dropsets, nuff said!


    It's a kickass product. I would buy it!


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