Collection of App Nut product log links & reviews

  1. Collection of App Nut product log links & reviews

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  2. Lit-Up Reviews

    Review by Enhanced

    OK, now that I've gotten 3 solid workouts under my belt w/ the new Peach Tree Lit Up, I can honestly say this stuff is awesome!! The BA kicks in, like in about 5 minutes!! The energy comes on nice & smooth & stays that way throughout my workouts. No dirty, jittery energy, just a nice clean rush that puts me in a great mood & focused for a great workout!!

    The taste, at first, I wasn't too impressed. The next two days, I've grown to really like it! Might mix in a little lemonade in there tomorrow. I do like the fact that it's not an overwhelming flavor, just nice & subtle.. It mixes super easy. I just put the two scoops in my cup of about 10oz of water & swirl it around. I used a spoon this morning just to speed things up a little.

    The workouts on this have been awesome! I mix in 3g of Di-Creatine Malate for a little extra oomph in the gym, but other than that, this stuff rocks! I love the fact that it's got the DAA in it.

    I will follow the directions & buy more..
    Review by thedarce

    Was excited for the new Lit Up Flavor PEACH TEA! I tasted the original and it was alright, but if anyone is tired of the same pre-workout flavors Peach Tea is the way to go. PEACH TEA is amazing at 12-15oz, that's the sweet spot for me. The taste is so refreshing, and honest peach flavor with no unnatural flavoring. Anything less than 10 and I start to get an overwhelming flavor peach too strong for me.

    Amazing pre-workout with perfect mix ability, no settling, not clumps no issues at all. Pour shake and drink, very nice to not have to worry about shaking it enough or if its mixed yet.

    Workouts are intense, good consistent energy with no crash, long workouts seem to go buy like a breeze. Focus is great, I go to workout and only think of working out, my mind doesn't wander and I’m not there worrying about the outside world, its rarely that I can focus solely on training, and having something like that is such a nice thing.

    Would recommend to anyone who's tired of all this hype out there in the pre-workout market. Simple and effective with great taste.
    Review by SoChillBro

    Got a tub of Lit-Up Peach Tea from was pumped to try it after reading studies on D-Aspartic Acid


    Taste: 7/10
    Energy: 9/10
    Pump: 9/10

    The taste is pretty good for a peach tea, however I'm not much for tea so my opinion is slightly bias however it isn't something you have to choke down.

    The mixability of this is good if you're using a shaker cup, the first day I tried to mix with a spoon and it clumped up like crazy stuck to everything and made a mess. USE A SHAKER CUP!

    Energy for me was good when I jumped up to 2 scoops. I'm pretty stim tolerant and weigh about 200lbs so 1 scoop usually doesn't cut it for me with any product. I was able to push through intense workouts and still have the energy after the gym which was nice, also NO CRASH. Something that everyone should look for in a preworkout.

    The Pump. My muscles got a sick pump and I looked really full during my workouts, the vascularity wasn't as prominent but I'm trying to get huge not shredded right now so being veiny wasn't on my agenda.

    Overall: Solid product, does what it's supposed to with a little extra in the no crash and prolonged energy. I would recommend this product to a friend. and would take it again, would probably try the other flavor though but again that's just personal preference
    Review by TurningGreen

    Thank you to APPNUT for the great opportunity to field test this awesome supplement.

    TASTE- 9/10 This stuff tastes outstanding! My only drawback is that it is just a bit on the sweet side. Overall it is one of the best tasting pre-workouts I've used.

    SOLUBILITY- 10/10 Excellent when mixed with water. No clumps or surprises waiting at the last sip. I simply use a fork and give it a stir, no mixer even necessary!

    ENERGY- 10/10 The energy from Lit-Up is sheer awesome. It's comes on steady and strong and lasts through my workouts. I did not experience any jitters, shakes, not even increased heart rate. The drive I get from this definitely helps me dominate my workouts (which are no walk in the park). I'd also like to mention that even a late evening dose did not effect my sleeping pattern what so ever, which is nice when I have to hit a later session.

    OVERALL- This is an outstanding supplement worth every penny! Even at one scoop I still get the boost I need to unleash the beast, and at two scoops look out...I'm coming full speed brother!! Another added bonus is the full serving of DAA per two scoops! AppNut ain't playing games here people. If you're not trying Peach Tea Lit-Up you are missing out! (these are the opinions of TurningGreen. In no way was I influenced by AppNut or any other outside source while reviewing this supplement)

    Review by MEISTER

    I have tried just about every PWO on the market and have never found one that functions the way I want. Most products normally fail in the following areas:

    1) Make me feel like I just took a hit from a crack pipe (Cracked Out)
    2) Does not mix well
    3) Tastes horrific forcing you to take it in the form of a 2 ounce shot
    4) The energy you receive does not feel clean

    In My Opinion:

    Lit up has now changed all of that and forced others to change what they are doing or Go Away!

    1) Absolutely no Crack3d Out feeling. Intense focus and drive is the only thing I was feeling along with the fibers of my shirt beginning to stretch out.
    2) Mixing this stuff is like breathing, couldn't be easier. No clumps, lumps or left over residue at the bottom of your glass or shaker.
    3) Taste is on point. I'm quite sure I could serve this stuff to my family for dinner and they would not know that it wasn't actual peach tea. I would even go so far as to call it refreshing.
    4) Clean energy without the spikes and gitters and mad sweats!!!

    Thanks to AN for coming out with a product that does what it claims!!
    Review by lukehayd

    Now that I have had a few sessions of using this, I feel that I am able to give a good review. As far as taste, it IS the best tasting Pre I have taken. I have tried quite a few and hands down this is the winner. Energy is nice and clean without the big crash like some of the others. It is not a "hit you in the face" energy, it is a come on slow and just take you for a ride. It mixes very well without floaties or clumps left over at the bottom. I would have to say that this is at the top of my Pre list now!
    Review by J1mb0

    I've been lifting for 4 years, i've tried every goddamn pre-workout to date, including jack3d, animal pump, rage, sp250, 1MR, you name, i've tried it.

    NOTHING and I mean NOTHING compares to LIT-UP. The taste is amazing, i can honestly say I look forward to drinking it, and for people that have extensive experience with preworkouts we both know that that is RARELY the case!!!

    The effects of this product are also very, very good. Energy reminds me of the energy I got while on Animal Pump. Very smooth but somewhat strong energy. Nothing crazy like Jack3d or phenadrine, just the right amount. I also noticed that my focus is unlike anything, and the focus is what really makes this product. The only thing I want to do when I take this is smash the weights, plain and simple. I'm also not sure if it's placebo, but I did lift more while I was on this product. The ingredient profile on LIT-UP is very good to, most pre's are underdosed or overdosed on stims but this one is not and it also contains added goodies such as DAA.

    I received a tub of this product for free, but I can guarantee you I will be buying over and over and over again!
    Review by Kleen

    I have used this product about 12 times now, 6 for cardio / general conditioning drills and 6 for my weight lifting workouts. I wanted to give it a good run before giving my opinion on it. Now that I have used it in several workouts many different types and intensities I feel I can give it a very solid review.

    Taste - I was actually impressed with the taste of the product. The peach was immediately recognized and the tea was a perfect addition in flavor playing off of the tastes in some of the ingredients rather than simply trying to cover them with a strong fruit. For a preworkout the flavor was very enjoyable.

    Energy - I found that the energry was slow and smooth, it crept up on me and then while in my pre workout warm up as i warmed up so did it. About 30 minutes after taking it I found myself with a smooth level of increased energy, not over stimmed but extremely focused and motivated.

    Pump - I was surprised not to see an ingredient I recongized for pump and honestly I think my pumps were on point with what I would have had anyway having an intense lift however a pump is not a requirement of a preworkout not the measure of it's effectiveness.

    Summary - In each of my workouts I found myself highly motivated to do more. Pardon the PUN here but it was as if I was indeed Lit-Up to get the job done regardless of the task at hand. I would definitely recommend Peach Tea Lit Up to anyone looking for a new Pre, or a change from one you already love.
    Review by s.Razor

    Received Peach Tea Lit-Up about 2 weeks ago and have been using it daily since..the weirdest and probably one of the coolest things about this, is its actually getting BETTER AND BETTER each workout i use it..thats usually not the case for other preWO's ive used, usually build a tolerance or just plain get used to the feeling it gives you.
    I'm still getting completely amped on this stuff and it last through out my entire workout which can sometimes last upwards of 3 hours.

    when i first tried my lit up, naturally i put it to the test.

    Mixability - 10/10 threw it in my shaker with ice cold water from the fridge, it mixed fast, no clumps, no gritty stuff floating or left at the bottom - this is an absolute first for me when mixing supps with cold water.

    Taste - 10/10 again, this stuff just plain tastes GOOD. goes down smooth not bitter whatsoever, like alot of others out there..not the hugest tea fan either so i was skeptical at first..they proved me wrong. tea can actually taste good!! the guys down at the AppNut lab obviously know what they're doing. they nailed this one.

    Energy/Focus - i hate to sound like a shill but i have to give this another 10/10. energy burst comes on quick!! im ready to go within 10 minutes. no jitters, no crash, just clean focused pure energy so i can power thru some reps like a beast..this especially holds true when i have to move to cardio which i'm not the hugest fan of.
    and i cant forget to mention this doesnt suppress my appetite, so im ready to powerdown a shake and a meal as soon as im done lifting - this is essential.

    other aspects..the size of the tub..holds 20-40 servings depending on how you use it..thats about the same as any other preWO out there but this tub is not big and bulky. which rocks cuz i have so many sups, space is limited..also easy to toss into the gym bag to take it on the go.

    im 100% satisfied with this let downs whatsoever..will be a repeat offender..i mean customer. LOVE THIS STUFF

    Review by insane

    I work out at night so its hard for me to use a preworkout drink. Because most of them have stimulants that keep me from getting the sleep i require at night. But not the case with LIT-UP there formula is very efficient at giving the body the Pump, Drive, & Focus one needs to make great gains in the gym without all the added "jittery" I need to keep moving type of feeling a lot of other products rely on.
    Oh and don't forget the taste, It's tastes great like snapple peach tea and goes down really well with no grainy sediment towards the end of the drink. Nothing worse in my opinion then getting down to the last couple of drinks and getting a mouth full of undissolved powder.
    So great product will deff. be adding this to my line up thanks appnut you did it again another solid product.
    Review by HICKT0WN

    I was already a huge Citrus LIT-UP fan, so I was very excited to try the new Peach Tea flavor. I don't care much for tea, but I have to say that this was a nice refreshing peach taste. The greatest part of all is that it hasn't lost any of it's effectiveness. 20 minutes after taking it, the Beta Alanine tingles kick in and then is just kill it in the gym time! Thank you App Nut for making a great product even better!
    Review by thetinyguy

    First off i can tell these guys/gals at App Nut were really confident about their product. It is presented very well and makes a very bold statement on the label that says. "Keep taking until the tub is empty and then keep buying more. Don't buy any other brand. Ever." And to be honest i'm gonna have to agree with that statement.

    Mix: I used a shaker cup and this stuff mixed so easy it was hassle free. Had a really nice scent to it as well.

    Taste: Wow i'll have to admit i'm not used to a Pre-workout tasting relatively good but this stuff is on a different level! Great refreshing peach flavor with a hint of tea (i could barely taste the tea no biggie though) I'm actually thinking of taking 1 scoop Pre-workout and another Intra workout! 9/10

    Energy: Got a great amount of energy, slight beta alanine tingles. Helped me hit some really good PR's on a bunch of exercises. This was a 30 set/2.5 hour leg workout so the fact i had energy sustained through the entire workout is a huge plus! No crash either i was still energetic Post workout. 10/10

    Hunger: This detail is important because i didn't realize it till now but i usually lose my appetite after taking a pre-workout but Lit-Up surprised me once again, Nearing the end of my workout i seriously found myself only thinking about food (which made me pick up my pace a little more). In the aspect that was claimed it won't kill hunger i'd 100% agree. 10/10

    Pump: This was a Leg workout and let me tell you, I've never had this kind of pump in my hamstrings and calves. After a drop set on those it felt like they had grown 2 fold! Pump was sustained for a good hour as well!
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  3. FREE TEST Reviews

    Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ
    Muscle Hardness / Density:9/10- things are getting harder. Noticed my forearms are solid as hell.
    Strength Gain:7/10-No real strength increase in my numbers from last week, but I felt less tired at the end of the workout, whereas last week I think I wanted to die.
    Body Composition:7/10-Well Im sooo bloated so I kinda look flat. but most of my recomp as been in my shoulders and back. So far so good.
    Weight Gain /Fat Loss:9/10- I actually thiink Im gaining weight on this stuff, like recomp style. I havnt weighed myself but I think I look a little bigger in places. And my stomach area looks the same soo...
    Libido:10/10: If nothing else I would buy this product for these properties. Really I havnt felt so CONFIDENT in the bedroom in a while, and thats some real ****!!
    Mood:9/10: My mood is great. Good aggression only when its game time.
    Originally Posted by Rosie Scott
    Day 15 - 2-Week Overview of FREE TEST

    Sleep - Time and Quality: My sleeping patterns are still out of whack, but at least they are settling down into something - albeit not the schedule I WANT, but it is better than either not sleeping or sleeping excessively.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Due to the nature of my working commitments, I have HAD to be focused and have complete concentration. There have been a few days where I have been unable to deal with much for long periods of time, but for the most part, I have been locked on target.

    Energy: My energy levels have been good. I have the energy to get through training and very active night work, as well as not being able to 'shut down' until the mid hours of morning.

    Mood/Aggression: Mood has been up and down over the last couple of weeks, more a product of circumstances and environment than anything else. Aggression, though, has been higher than the usual high, and has provided a good source of motivation for training.

    Stress: Stress is still high, but it has been more manageable, as I attempt to NOT let it affect me as much.

    Libido: This is one of the predominant effects, with my body being ready pretty much ALL the time (which, yes, can be a little annoying sometimes), even if my head is NOWhere near that train of thought.

    Joints: My left wrist aches on and off still, more on than off . . . My knees have actually gotten better over the last two weeks . . . My back is only affected after certain heavy days of lifting . . .

    Endurance: My endurance has changed. In the gym, I am having only 30-45 seconds recovery between sets, as opposed to 1-3 minutes. Cardio sessions are not really been long enough to notice an improvement in endurance, but re speed endurance, I have been able to do longer efforts with HIIT Cardio.

    Strength: Although I am not too focused on strength gains, I have been able to increase my weights each session in the gym, indicating improvement re strength.

    Quality of Training: The first week of FREE TEST, I trained EVERY day, which was quite demanding on my body. However, I thoroughly enjoyed almost every session, and the sessions done were reasonable. The second week of FREE TEST, I only trained four days, but EVERY training session planned for the week was completed, and I actually feel that the higher training volume per day works better for my body.

    Recovery: The first week of FREE TEST, I was so sore that by the end of the week I was moving like an ancient crone with every joint problem imaginable. The second week of FREE TEST was a pleasant walk in the park, with the almost complete elimination of DOMS (and yes, having every other day as a recovery day helped as well).

    Pump: My resistance training has not been the rep-range ideal to elicit a pump. Pump has been created fast during Cardio and the V-Burn Challenge Circuit though.

    Vascularity: Vascularity has gradually been improving.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: This is the most noticeable in my arms. Legs - which generally remain fairly hard all the time - have become more dense due to the extra work being done for them.

    Body Composition and Look: I am now 12.9% bodyfat. Although only a small decrease in body composition over this last week, that is a total of a 1.4% loss in bodyfat over the last two weeks, averaging out at 0.7% bodyfat loss per week. Considering that the first week on FREE TEST was almost next to perfect re execution of nutrition and training (reflected in bodyfat and weight loss) and the second week was subpar at best (less training and a voracious appetite that I attempted to satiate), this is decent re results.

    Overall Sense of Feeling: I definitely feel BETTER. I know that I CAN achieve my desired body composition in ~5 more weeks. All I need is 100% DISCIPLINE with my nutrition and training 6-7 days a week, and I WILL get there! Motivation is high. Dedication is renewed. It's good to be training again!

    Other Effects: The first week of FREE TEST, I had next to no appetite, but this last week, it has been INsatiable, and I have been easily consuming my Maintenance of ~4,300 calories - if not MORE - daily.
    Originally Posted by Grimninja117
    Muscle Hardness / Density
    9/10 Slowly climbing. Definitely feeling an improvement here.

    Strength Gain
    9/10. Pretty dang apparent seeing as how I've had 2 prs already. 1 on bench and 1 on squat, and yesterday I did 85lb dumbells for 6 reps >.< Gonna max out again on bench next week. see how we're doing.

    Body Composition
    still 8/10, but seeing as how i've gone up 8 lbs so far and have only gained 1-2%BF in 3 weeks, it's not bad.

    Weight Gain /Fat Loss
    8/10 mainly like the above statement.

    10/10. Not sure if it's this stuff and drive combined or what but it's wild.

    8/10. Stress, school, but feeling great all around.

    Been really busy with school and homework and the gym and now I've picked up some martial arts practice (which is amazing and helping every aspect of my workouts btw )...
    Originally Posted by spiderduncan
    My spine and right elbow have been showing some signs of overuse. Therefore I am bringing my BBB program to a close and will be transitioning to German Volume Training. I will be using the same primary lifts, with the exception of chins being substituted for pull-ups. To alleviate any overuse with my triceps, I will not be performing isolation movements.


    DAY 23 Review:
    MUSCLE HARDNESS/DENSITY - (8) The pump I achieve during my workout is rewarding.

    STRENGTH GAIN (10) - Strength combined with weight gain have been consistent. However, my joints are starting to ache.

    BODY COMPOSITION (6) - Status quo.

    WEIGHT GAIN/FAT LOSS (10) - Morning bodyweight is holding steady at +3lbs. For some reason, I morning was exactly +3? Not sure what happened here as calories are constant.

    LIBIDO (6) - Unchanged from last update.

    MOOD (6) - I would say that aggression has returned to baseline at this point.
    Originally Posted by spiderduncan

    DAY 19 Review:
    MUSCLE HARDNESS/DENSITY - (10) Muscularity/vascularity was pronounced during AM workout. Another gym goer said, "You are getting big!" Outside observations are THE BEST compliments.

    STRENGTH GAIN (10) - Especially consistent. This is phenomenal! I can understand the progressions if I was using a slow progression model like HST or 5x5, but I have been work near/at failure for just over 3 weeks with an increase in reps/load each and every workout.

    BODY COMPOSITION (5) - Static.

    WEIGHT GAIN/FAT LOSS (10) - Weight is now +3-4 lbs. Again, morning weigh-in after bathroom (1 and 2, sorry) and without clothes.

    LIBIDO (8) - Increases have plateaued. Overall, libido has been elevated.

    MOOD (8) - Irritability/aggression remains intact. However, I believe I am coming to terms with this.
    Originally Posted by Starkk

    Muscle Hardness / Density-8/10
    Felt pretty solid. Wish I had gotten my update pic right after leaving the gym, as I had a nice pump going, but my wife wasn’t home to take the pic.
    Oh, well.

    Strength Gain-8/10
    Deadlift went up twenty pounds and I can consistently do more pull-ups now, which feels awesome. I can’t stress enough what an important exercise for back development I think this is. Let’s build some serious mass!

    Body Composition-8/10
    Okay. Looking at my photo, I feel pretty fat, but I feel confident I can shred it off and make my muscles pop by the time we’re done here.

    Weight Gain /Fat Loss-8/10
    Weighed in at 219 yesterday, so fawk yeah. That’s awesome.

    Again, libido is ridiculous. Keep having vivid dreams that I won’t go into. Something is wrong with me, I think. It’s like I’m 17 years old again (No Zac Efron).

    Mood was decent. Got into a minor fight with the wife last night about how often I’m gone at the gym and what not but I think we both emerged in a better place with it. Just needed her to understand how important it was to me. I think she forgets sometimes that I used to be 330lbs and morbidly obese. It’s hard to appreciate something like this the way I do unless you’ve experienced that and she’s always been fit pretty effortlessly.

    Overall, I give this day a 8.5/10. Good progress, diet is still perfectly in check w/3,000 cals a day...
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  4. reviews
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  7. we should have some IGF 2 logs going. dont see much of those around
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    any fat free's?

    Fat Free + Drive

    Or this review
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  16. just added some fat free logs to the list in post 1
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    just added some fat free logs to the list in post 1

    How many Black Cats/ Fat Free did you take to get all these collected for one thread Josh? haha

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