HATEFULone's lit up log

  1. HATEFULone's lit up log

    Alright this log will serve a few purposes, to log lit up and its results, and to also log the shipping and customer service of appnut.com. The website was easy to use, fast, and very user friendly. I only looked at the store portion. Check out was easy, although it did make me create an account in order to check out. Doesn't bother me, just an email is needed, but some sites don't make you sign up, although it does make it easier for repeat buyers, but an option would be nice. I ordered just now at 12:13 AM EST. I will post up when I recieve the product. Any ideas on whether I will need 1 or 2 scoops? I am 212 lbs right now. Alright now I sit and wait for my lit up.

  2. Awesome, I would say 2 scoops would be a good starting point for you. Im about mid 170s and use 1, soon to be 2 scoops.

  3. Alright I recieved my Lit up on Wednesday the 9th. Pretty quick shipping considering I ordered late Sunday night. Everything is gtg so I'm going to hit the gym in a few, will be taking the lit up on an empty stomach, using 2 scoops. I worked 12 hours last night so we will see what this stuff has to offer. Gonna be a whole body workout today and some cardio, off to the gym, will post results after.

  4. nice! keep us posted
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  5. Alright first workout on lit up went well. I took 2 scoops mixed in 12 ounces of water, cherry citrus flavor. Went down just fine, mixed very well, no clumping or crystallization. Flavor was strong but not over powering, will probably try 16 ounces water next time. I dosed about 20 minutes preworkout. Felt the ba tingles about 5 minutes after consuming the lit up. As mentioned above it was a full body workout with cardio intermittently dispersed in the circuit. Energy was better than usual, especially since I worked all night. No jitters, no crash, no huge energy rush then crappy feeling after. Really couldn't tell when the lit up started to wear off. Definitely excited to see what this can do, especially once the daa starts kicking in. Most likely gonna take tomorrow off, just some abs and cardio probably. Then I'll begin the Juggernaut training system on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to using the lit up to push for some big pr's.

  6. awesome. thats how i feel. it kicks in about 5 min
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  7. I did notice some GI upset about 30 minutes after the workout, probably from the daa, will see if my body gets used to it. Feeling fairly sore today, so the workout went well, haven't been sore in a while.

  8. Workouts two and three are in the books, some GI upset after workout two, well some major upset. Workout three however none so far. Think my body is used to the daa now. Sweating more, improved energy/drive, and no crash. Not keeping me up all night either. BA tingles are lessened a bit, but I like the tingles so boo. Haven't tried one scoop yet, still been on two scoops, might try one later on the road, but at 40 servings, 2 scoops gives me 20 workouts, which is month for 5 day a week guys, 5 weeks for 4 day a week guys, and 3 day a week guys that almost 7 weeks. Cardio tomorrow so I will be holding off on the lit up.

  9. Workouts 4,5,6 are in the books. Energy is a 8/10 so far. Sweating is a 7/10. Strength is increased, endurance is really going up though. PR on bench with 275x12. Libido is on the up and up, thank you daa.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by HATEFULone View Post
    Workouts 4,5,6 are in the books. Energy is a 8/10 so far. Sweating is a 7/10. Strength is increased, endurance is really going up though. PR on bench with 275x12. Libido is on the up and up, thank you daa.
    Whoop! Glad to hear it's kicking butt for you!

  11. Alright life has been busy and haven't had time to update this, I finished the tub of lit up. If I had to compare it to another product, I'd say it is comparable to when I took tcf-1 with shock therapy, cheaper though to go the lit up route, which is nice. Overall effects were this: 1) Libido was up, not as much as taking tcf-1, but the lit up wasn't being used every day, only on workout days, so I'm still impressed, was more than above average. 2) Great energy and focus, my best example is that I work nights, 7pm-7am, sometimes I workout after work. So figure I've been up for about 16-17 hours by the time the first set goes off, up over 18 hours by the time the final set is finished. My energy was probably an 8/10 on this product, focus was great, I think the addition of daa definitely did that, as I noticed that before with the above mentioned daa product. 3) GI upset the first 2 doses immediately post workout, dose 3-4 just mild gi upset. Only way to fix that is take half doses first couple times, not a big deal though, common with daa. 4) Strength I don't think was directly effected, however the extra energy and especially focus led to some PR's, and PR's are always good in my book.

    Overall I give this product 3 stars. I have yet to give something 4 stars just fyi. Not a game changer but definitely worth everyone giving a chance, cost effective and does what is says it will. Taste was solid, I liked mine a little dilute, but I like more fluids preworkout anyways. The biggest thing I have with products I've trialed is will I buy it again. I'll say this, it won't be this month since I have shock therapy left over, but I'll be giving lit up another go in the near future.

    Any questions feel free to ask, I'm sure I missed some stuff in the final review.

  12. you should try stacking it with RPM
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    you should try stacking it with RPM
    I'll check that out, seems like a solid stack.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by HATEFULone View Post
    I'll check that out, seems like a solid stack.
    It is an awesome stack.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Are you ready for N.O. UPTAKE? It's a game-changer!


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