The One with TRT?

  1. The One with TRT?

    Hi guys,

    Doc is putting me on a low dose of test cyp (100mg week). Would i be better off using the One before or after that (with a break between), or does it not matter? Im assuming stacking the two is not such a great idea?

    Thanks for any info.

  2. Certainly not before and not for up to 6 months after, assuming he wants follow-up bloodwork. There after stacking would be swell.

  3. Thanks for the response. Can i ask why the 6 month wait, assuming i do followup bloodwork shortly after?

  4. Just don't use anything before follow up blood work. It will skew your endocrine response and he may alter your treatment plan based on a variable that he is not aware of (your use of hormones).

  5. That makes sense, thanks.

  6. what is the half life of "the One" please

  7. Quote Originally Posted by corsaking View Post
    what is the half life of "the One" please
    10-12 hours.
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