Stim properties of The One and Anxiety

  1. Stim properties of The One and Anxiety

    I have read in the logs that users get a stim effect from The One and it is not advised to take late in the day (users mentioned to take no later than 1pm worked best) or it may cause difficulty sleeping. My question is I have anxiety, which I have learned to control (panic attacks), however, stims still cause me to feel uncomfortable (caffeine, Superpump 250 --not sure if its the only the caffeine or other ingredients as well).

    Q: Is the stim effect in The One similar to that of caffeine or other preworkout drinks?

  2. no, its not that sort of stim, moreso feeling energized, strong, aggressive. It is hard to tell for sure exactly how it will affect you tho, until you actually try it.

  3. I may exacerbate your anxiety tho...gotta be careful man. Ive had some serious anxiety attacks while on gear.
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