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  1. I have been longing for a no product to fill the void that has left me since the discontinuation of plasmajet, and thunderbolt is imo the only to deliver those kind of results. If you want a dynamite n.o. product T-BOLT has you covered.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by The Engineer View Post
    I originally purchased this out of curiosity in June, and since then I can't do another workout without it!

    I use this in conjunction with a diy pre-workout cocktail consisting of: tmg, beta alanine, caffeine/theanine/tyrosine.

    Pump: 5/5

    Thunderbolt fires on all cylinders and hits the mark every time.

    This is a different kind of pump. It's a denser, fuller pump. It blows agmatine or nitrates out of the water (however it competes competently with a mix of nitrates + agmatine). Veins are thicker and scarier. It's great, especially on arm day.

    I've noticed there's a slight difference between dosing this 30 minutes away from a CHO meal/drink and fasted. CHO will provide a better pump, but it works in a fasted state as well.

    Taking this on upper days you really feel your muscle swelling up. Not only do you look good after a set, but this really assists in providing the "mind-muscle" link.

    Muscles felt dense and hard.

    Dosing: 5/5

    Easy: 3 caps 25 minutes pre-workout. As mentioned before, it's recommended to be taken in a fasted state or at least away from food, but I noticed that if I had a CHO/protein drink 30 minutes before and popped 3 caps after my warm-up set I had better pumps than dosing it fasted. This isn't to say you won't feel anything in a fasted state. I've taken this plenty of times before fasted morning training and definitely experienced its full benefits.

    Endurance: 5/5

    This is user-dependent, but on high rep days, the "mind-muscle" connection helped me crank out more reps than usual. For example on the flat barbell bench, I could feel my chest muscles pushing out each rep and instead of a lactic acid burn, all I felt was blood pumping into the area. Note: while conducting this "experiment" I had taken beta alanine, therefore I must conclude that Thunderbolt will greatly enhance beta alanine supplementation.

    I never dosed this before cardio, but it's something I will do and will update this review with.

    Price: 4/5

    $33-40 depending where you look.

    I have to knock it because it is expensive and because it should be used as an addition to a stimulant based product. If you're like me and buy bulk ingredients your mileage may vary, but if it was at $25, I'd buy an entire case.

    Other aspects:

    Nutrient partitioning: didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary in terms of partitioning or fullness in my post workout shake/meal.

    Lasting pump: completely dependent on the rep scheme for the day. 6x15 had the most noticeable lasting pump. If I trained fasted, I'd feel full and plump till the evening. On a heavy 8x3 or 5x5 day the pump was different. It was still dense and full, but it didn't have the same vein structure of the high rep days.

    Angiogenesis: I noticed a few new veins, but it could be from playing around with caloric intake around workouts.

    Summary: 4.75/5

    A worthy product indeed and has a graced a permanent spot in my pre-workout protocol.

    I've run this intermittently, but I'd like to run two bottles back-to-back dosing every day to see if these effects build up over time.
    Thunderbolt (90 Caps)

  3. @henryv What do you think of a pre-bed dose? Just out of curiosity

  4. Quote Originally Posted by The Engineer View Post
    @henryv What do you think of a pre-bed dose? Just out of curiosity
    I don't really have an opinion on it. What do you think about it?

  5. Just bought a bottle to try out..

    I noticed the grey caps contained some yellow on then, yellow circular lines, and smelt funny, is this normal??



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