UNI LIVER Appreciation Thread!!!

  1. UNI LIVER Appreciation Thread!!!

    I love me some uni-liver all day. Take like 2-4 per meal and your good. One thing that I hear people say all of the time is that your flatulance is real bad when using uni-liver. I found a way around that. When I started to chew them instead if just swallowing them I didn't get gas. It was like a miracle sent from the heavens. No more pointing to the guy next to me and blaming him for ripping a nasty one infront of a group of people. I gotta stock up on these asap. Appreciate it Universal/Animal for all that you make happen!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback J. I never had the Uni gas problem, but I've heard some funny stories from others. Gotta love being able to just down a couple of these with every meal.

  3. Present and accounted for. I am currently taking 20 a day.

  4. Seriously, 20 a day is great, I think I get like 12-18. If I had a few of the 500 count around I would try to get in the 20's, but I got to try to conserve for now. I just downed 4 w/ my postworkout shake. BTW I can't wait to try out some Torrent for my postworkout nutrition!

  5. I am also above the 20 count per dayl I dont mind the gas issue however, it can make the day exciting.
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  6. I bet it can!

    UNI-LIVER was the first supp I tried on the behest of an old school lifter buddy of mine, he hasn't lifted for some years and was surprised and glad that someone was still using the "good ****" was from his glory days.

    I usually take 6 per meal, 6-8 meals per day, depending on schedule, so at least 36 a day. I had the flatulence at first but noticed that if you take them consistently (timing and dosage) and for a while it goes a way. I haven't had the bad ass gas in 3 months and counting.

    Just My 2 Cents,

  8. UniLiver is a great, old school supplement. It's been around forever, because it works and gives a diverse AA profile and goes down well at the end of your meals.

    I vary how many I take throughout the year, anywhere between 16-30/day. I haven't had the gas problems with UniLiver.

    If you haven't tried 'em you need to, a 500 count tub runs between 10-12 bucks, peace.

  9. rcrott1
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    I get pretty rank gas at times when on em.... but i find that if i keep my caloric intake high, then it goes away.

  10. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em! Hate the gas though...

  11. Uni-Liver ftw.

    Old school don't mean obsolete.
  12. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Universal Rep View Post
    Uni-Liver ftw.

    Old school don't mean obsolete.


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