PCS and ???? For Post cycle therapy???

  1. PCS and ???? For Post cycle therapy???

    Morning all (well its morning in the uk anyways!)

    Ive been reading up on PCS as much as I can but have a few questions (My PCS just arrived this morning!!!!!!!)

    Just finished a 5 wek epi pulse 3 x per week at 30mg and am ready to start post cycle therapy. From reading past posts am i correct in saying that many are just using PCS normal dosage and nothing else???

    I will also be dosing life support (Double dosage) and Xtend!

    I have activate extreme, lean XT and NP's Trione - would you bother running any of these with the PCS or save them for after post cycle therapy??? I was considering throwing in the trione with the PCS or would this be overkill for a mild cycle???

    Thanks for any help, looking forward to trying this stuff out!

    EDIT - I have searched but not really found an answer of what to take if anything with PCS - If someone can point me in the right direction with a link i'll read up even more!

    Also if Trione is the way to go, what dosage??? Im assuming there would be no need to run it inverse to the PCS?

  2. I think PCS by itself would be ok for a pulse like this at that dosage. Trione at its recommended dosage (300-600mg) would be a nice addition as well.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Im going to dose 4 caps a day of the PCS (2 am, 2pm)

    How would you take the 6oxo??? 1 x 3 a day (300 mg) Would you advise ramping up and down like ATD??

    Sorry for the noobish questions..... im used to ATD but wanted to try some new stuff out that wont kill the libido and as PCS has serm like effects im unsure if there is a need to ramp the AI up/down or run it inverse!!

    Thanks again!!

  4. I'll defer this to those who have used 6-oxo for PCT since I don't have any practical experience with it, but if i was to run it I would prob run it just like you have it above; taking it 1 cap x 3 daily.

  5. 6-oxo is dosed all at once in the evenings with your last meal and should be fine to take after this pulse. Oh, and I like the idea of tapering off of aromatase inhibitors instead of just stoping at the end of useage.

    I would start the Activate Extreme at day one of pct at recommended doseages. Add the cort blocker in about two weeks later at one dose upon waking and another around noon or so (late morning/early afternoon).
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  6. thanks for the info.....im 5 days into PCT and feeling great - Havent bothered with the Activate extreme, just gone with PCS and 6 oxo (all together at night)

    things seem to be going well, strength still up, weight still the same (early days yet) PCS seems like a good product!! Defeo be using again!

    I'll use the activate next month or so and may throw the cort blocker in, in a weeks time!

  7. Glad to hear that you're liking it so far. Keep us updated!
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