Just wanted to thank you again

  1. Just wanted to thank you again

    For letting me enjoy one of my favorite breakfasts with the healthy cheat foods pancakes When I started avoiding simple carbs, it was one of the things I really missed. I didn't have pancakes daily, but maybe once a week. My kids eat eggos or other frozen pre-made waffles or pancakes frequently (the 3 year old daily!), and i've been jealous watching them pour syrup on.

    Today I mixed 1/4 cup of mix with a little under 1/4 cup water, which gave me 3 small to medium pancakes. That with 3 eggs over easy, some smuckers sugar free breakfast syrup and a glass of ruby red grapefruit juice was the perfect breakfast. Complex carbs + fructose, and although the eggs drove up fats a little I probably still ended up close to 40/40/20 for the whole meal, maybe 40/35/25. Its going to be a good workout today, cause i'm starting off feeling good!

    Just wish i would have been smart enough to start a pot of coffee before I made breakfast. next time

  2. dude save me some pancakes im jumping on next plane

    on second thought

    cant you just use whole wheat flour, grind up oatmeal, and make pancakes with eggs and milk that there is nothing at all wrong wtih that meal esp if you throw in some protein whey

  3. MMMMM sounds good. I have some here I'll have to try them soon.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to post this Easy! And yes, coffee is important in the morning. I'd never make it to my car if i forgot it.

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