Perform = Vascular....

  1. Perform = Vascular....

    So anyone who wants to see some serious vein-age just pop 4 perform and wait 30-45 minutes.

    I sh*t you not... I took perform last night and 30-45 minutes later just before getting down with the wife I walked into hte bathroom and holy freakin smokes I was vascular as all hell....

    It was crazy... I should have snapped a pic...

    So Perform to Perform... or just to get a seriously vein popping look!
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  3. was it your arms that were more vascular or was it the mule?

  4. everywhere really... It was so noticable because of the upper arm shoulder area, I dont see much there normally but they were everywhere... it was a little freaky since I dont normally see veins there and then to see them all. top/front of shoulders was the what really do a double take.
    Log of EPIC by FRL -

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