augment and trenavar

  1. I'm planning a cycle with alpha mass, 4ad rd and trenavar. I just happened to get 2 bottles of augmentor free so i will add it with 4ad but my question is how will augmentor affect trenavar if at all?
    Also how does this look
    Tvar 30/45/60/60/60/60
    AM 0/6/6/9/9/9/9
    4ad 0/0/3/3/3/3/3/3
    Aug ?
    I have support supps and pct covered, and this is definitely not my first rodeo just want to avoid methyls for awhile.
    Btw this is a bulk I'm open to getting another bag and bumping tvar up to 90 maybe...

  2. Augmentor will have no negative effects on the Trenevar as far as I know. If anything it will only aid in it's use, and of course, it will def aid in the AM/4ad.

    Outside of myself not knowing what the usual dosages of trenavar are, the cycle looks solid. Def keep us posted on how things go for ya.
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  3. I will for sure maybe do a log. after thinking about it i will start augmentor when i start tvar that way if it does help I take full advantage of it

  4. I'm currently at 45mg tvar also and was wondering how to divide up the doses. Could you offer a suggestion? Im taking one in the morning and the other 2 together about 8-10 hours later. I'm wondering if i should only take one at a time or if it even matters. thanks

  5. I've always been a fan of spreading the dosage out. Others like to do a bigger dose pre workout my suggestion is try both and see what you like best.



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