1. 4ad

    Does anyone know why there are two different label claims for the 4ad. One lists:
    Serving Size 1 capsule(s)
    Servings Per Container 60

    Amount Per Serving

    Diandrone Ethyl Ester 150 mg
    1,4,6 Etioallocholan-dione 3 mg
    Beta Sitosterol 100 mg
    Quercetin 50 mg

    The other one lists:
    4-Androstene-3b-ol,17-one /200mg.
    Enhancement complex

    Are these two different products?
    Thanks for any help........

  2. Yes those are two different products. 4-AD is...well its 4-AD, and here is more info on Dienedrone (also a very good AMS product):

    Dienedrone Feedback Here At Anabolicminds.com
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