Possible to Reset HPTA

  1. Possible to Reset HPTA

    Just looking to hear your opinion and insight as I find you quite knowledgeable. I took HCGenerate almost one year ago (10 months~) and initially experienced increased libido, better erections etc. However, my balls atrophied after about a week of use.. I increased dose and they seemed to return to size when at 5 caps a day, but after quitting I experienced shut down like what I have experienced after a cycle of superdrol. Facial hair growth became slow, and pharm grade clomid or nolva did not help me recover in any way. I have been off anything that could affect my T production in any way and things have gotten slightly better.

    I was wondering what you think may have triggered this reaction and how I may speed up recovery, because to be honest this really sucks. Tired, gained a lot of fat, and no random woodies. I read on a finasteride victim site that divanil could possibly interfere with DHT conversion and this may be my problem.. as well as some going on a 4 week cycle to induce HPTA suppression and then hopping on a SERM.

    What do you think I should do? Help much appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

  2. I dont know much about these herbal test boosters. I dont pay much attention to them. No one even knows what the active constituents of these things are (let alone if they really work) so there is no way to standardize them.

    So i dunno what you ingested really.

    if you think you have a problem get some blood work done and dont go tryin to gauge your system by how fast your beard seems to be growing and silly things like that
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