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    Hello Patrick,

    Welcome back to AM. Glad you are back on this board.

    what do you think of agmatine?

    what do you think off this stack getting ready for an npc show? itd be my first npc show. I did an NGA show before and want to do my best as I have good genetics and am a hard worker in bodybuilding. I am scared to buy the banned stuff so ive got to do over the counter.
    dymethazine 15 mgs weeks 1-4
    hdrol 75 mgs weeks 5-10
    protodrol 75 mgs weeks 5-10
    11-oxo weeks 11,12 maybe 13 maybe something like 450,450,300 (great article on 11-oxo backing it up with lab results in a back issue of MD)

    O and I plan on buying for xmas your 7-spray with the joint stuff that helps cortisol levels in pct MAY50 50 % off
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  2. there is not enough direct human studies (or even animal studies) on agmatine for me to conclude anything. the indirect research is sort of suggestive of possible PE benefit. It does seem to have interesting potential for opiate abuse and other brain related things

    as far as telling people how to use over the counter designer AAS products i dont do that Featured Author

  3. Ok thank you. I already know what I am doing. was really just asking your opinion since I think you are one of the best minds in this industry in muscle building supplements ,otc or otherwise, and how they work-and I understand why you wouldn't. Thank you MAY50 50 % off
    Mind and Muscle Code AM10
    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online coaching

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