hey Kingneptune40! Question for ya

  1. hey Kingneptune40! Question for ya

    i read on here that you are a chiro. well i was doing some partial squats a while back and got the weight up pretty high i got under the bar and when i stood up i heard a small crunching sound,no pain so i rested and kept going. now i have discomfort between my shoulder blades and i can tell its on or near the spine. i have full strength and mobility but the discomfort sometimes moves up into my right trap and neck. any advice?

  2. Squat issues........


    Sounds like you probably "popped" or misaligned at vertebrae or 2...........Many times things will pop in your back when working out, with no consequences..........But, it sounds like you have some "nerve irritation" into the rhomboids and traps, so I would suggest putting some ice on the area that popped before and after your workout.........20 or 30 minutes........More than likely you have some swelling in the "joints" which is irritating the nerve and causing the spasm and nerve pain........

    I usually used a "rolled up" towel between the bar and my shoulders to ease the pressure on the spine..........Also, make sure you stretch your back out real good before you squat, most guys dont realize how important that can be....

    If it continues to bother you, you could lay off the squats for awhile and use the leg press or you could go see a chiropractor.........Should only take a couple visits to clear that up............If it gets worse, I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor...........Keep using ice for the next week or so.......preventative measure.........

  3. thanx man, i really appreciate your advice.i do plan on seeing a chiro as soon as i can find a good one.im looking for a practice that does chiro/myotherapy/massage all in one place.

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