TB 500 dosing

  1. TB 500 dosing

    Anyone here had some experience with dosing TB 500 for a severe muscle strain recovery? I have read that micro dosing is better for such things. But, i havenít found their dosing protocol, instead of using the 2ml eod or e3d.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

  2. I'm trying 5mg per wk

    2 doses (2.5mg) 2x over 7 days for 6 weeks. Been dosing on Tue, Fri -

  3. Let's get more commentary here as I am also using on my horses and would like some input of smaller doses more often vs larger spread out.
    And anyone feel weird in the head after use?

  4. I am about to run it with BPC 157 and HGH, once I get me gear in the mail.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by scoooter View Post
    I'm trying 5mg per wk

    2 doses (2.5mg) 2x over 7 days for 6 weeks. Been dosing on Tue, Fri -
    5mg per week would be great but looking to do smaller doses since Iíve read that that type of dosing protocol is better for tendon/ligament repair.

  6. I just finished recovering from a shoulder injury that wouldn't allow me to bench, shoulder press, sleep etc. I did 4mg right into my deltoid once daily for 3 weeks. Pain and movement went to 100% at the 3 week mark. By the end of of week 1 I already noticed a huge difference. After that I ran 2mg Monday and 2mg Thursday for 3 weeks to be sure that I was good to go. Been lifting now for 5 weeks without any issues after stopping the shots. You can always start lower and raise it up if needed.

  7. 5mg a week is what I've used

  8. If memory serves correct, I used 2mg a week for 6 weeks and then 5mg once a month for 3 months for maintenance. That was 4 years ago. Saw phenomenal results post surgery.

  9. I can’t say for sure, but I experiences better effect with more frequent and lower dosing each time than dosing it more heavy less frequent.

  10. So if a bottle of TB500 is 5mg dry then when reconstituted its only roughly a 1 week supply??? Or does the mg change once reconstituted?

  11. the mg does not change

  12. Quote Originally Posted by scoooter View Post
    the mg does not change
    Damn expensive for 4 week run. Something like $240

  13. Excuse me... more like $320

  14. 4 weeks is about 220$
    And is that to much for injury recovery.?
    You'll feel relief after a week

  15. Does anyone have a mobile friendly peptide reconstitution/dosing calculator?

    Also, Iím going to do 1mg a day for 5 days at a time.
  16. TB 500 dosing

    What research co are you All using

    *I hope this question is ok. Several labs are mentioned on this board so I am assuming this question regarding a research product is ok

    *Just trying to get my hands on some legit TB and BCP for research on my dog. So much bunk crap out there right now. Thanks
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