Olympus Labs Ostarine or Olympus Labs Sup3r-2. Which one to use On cruise test dose?

  1. Olympus Labs Ostarine or Olympus Labs Sup3r-2. Which one to use On cruise test dose?

    I have several bottles each (probably 6 bottles each) of Olympus Labs Ostarine and Olympus Labs Sup3r-2 ((Delta-2) Starting a recomp cycle on Monday. I will be cruising on 200 mgs of Pharm Grade prescribed test every week. I have to make a choice. They both appear to be nice/mild orals that are both non-methylated. I would either be using 30-40 mgs of Ostarine or 500-750 mgs Sup32-2. Help me out here guys. I would love to gain 5--10 pounds of muscle and lose 5-10 pounds of fat. I am an experienced lifter with 30 years of lifting experience. Time to bring things down a notch at 46 years old. I stil have that burning desire though!!! I am 5'8 225 pounds 16% bodyfat. Help a brother out
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  2. Osta at a dose of 15mg helped me heal and cut. That's a big dose for no reason. 25mg max of osta will definitely help. More is not better. Sarms are powerful. If you want to gain muscle Lgd is the way to go. I literally turned huge and kept it. 196lbs lean body mass and 40% fat. That was with a poor diet, but a ton of exercise. I put on an easy 10lbs of muscle. Labs plus a machine that read my fat, water, organs and muscle proved lgd is awesome for gains. My body is giant from it. It will tank your Hdl, but if you run gw with it no problem. I'm on TRT so I get weekly injections 150mg. Not sure if being on test will help or not, because it will compete with your androgen receptors. What I do know is that Osta will keep your Shbg low. Osta got me at least 5lbs.

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