I'm not thrilled that I'm getting older but I am pretty pumped that I don't have to deal with post cycle shut down anymore. This was the main reason I took some yrs off.
Fck the anxiety and depression. If I had it to do all over again I'd of stayed away from suppressive gear until I was ready for HRT.
Don't get me wrong it was fun doing summer cycles but even with proper pct I felt like dog **** and my workouts lost intensity. Let alone I'd lose most of my gains.
Also, TRT is a last resort for middle aged men that have depleted natty.
Please don't be in a hurry to jump on for good. Once u do that's it and it's now apart of your everyday life. Constant blood work and the never ending quest for the "sweet spot" which some never find. These after all are hormones and can very well mess u up if do not respect the weight it carries.