Opinion on best supplements for post 43 yrs.

  1. Opinion on best supplements for post 43 yrs.

    That are non TRT and non pro hormone for lean muscle mass gains.

  2. Not being sarcastic or flippant but CREATINE!

    And get your dietary fats in (especiallyl saturated fats) as they increase endogenous TEST levels
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  3. Haven't had much success w creatine.

  4. I recommend you load up on fish oil, a great multi and your choice of prework out drinks to help with energy in the gym. a solid test boosting supplement and something to block estrogen will have you feeling like a beast in the gym all naturally.
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  5. Quality Fish Oil
    Quality Multi Vitamin
    T-Booster - Currently really liking Reversitol and Testabolan.
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    Many different preWO drinks out there along with stuff for good pumps to help keep you kicking butt in the gym.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by CorpKiller View Post
    Haven't had much success w creatine.
    What types have you tried?

    I prefer a Creatine Mono, a good Fish Oil, Athletic Multi-V, and both Reversitol and Testabolan. You will see a difference for sure

  7. Also a good Preworkout could help give you that extra ump/ kick in the butt you need. Check out Hemavol, its non stim and the pumps are great!

  8. Been using hemavol
    fruit punch and I have noticed a good pump each time! Taste is good too.

  9. you might want to try some forskilin as well.. 50-150 mgs per day.
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  10. Id go with a multi, fish oil, 95% forskolin, a pre workout if you need a boost, betaine anhydrous, and if you have extra money a test booster like Erase Pro.
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  11. I believe at this age, you should be looking at things that benefit overall longevity and performance health as a strategy to achieving your goals...below are those that have proven intrinsic value

    -fish oils
    -coconut oil
    -beta alanine
    -vitamin d and c and e

  12. What about adding in DAA?
  13. justmechillin
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    Quote Originally Posted by CorpKiller View Post
    That are non TRT and non pro hormone for lean muscle mass gains.
    You must try Tropinol XP...... I had to lower my DHEA by 50% and up the Magnesium 200mg because this stuff works so well.... IMO, Tribulus is now outdated by Fadogia big time...... Your $$$ will be WELL spent....

  14. Quote Originally Posted by CorpKiller View Post
    What about adding in DAA?
    I would add Intimidate SRT if that is what you are looking for.
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  15. How bout DAA, Bulbine, and Arginine E2? Simple and effective.
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  16. Like was stated a good AI such as Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione, a DAA or NMDA(I personally have only used DAA with great results but have read great reviews with it). Rotate these in and out with something like DIM for E metabolism. Creatine, awesome stuff nuff said. Joint products IMO are essential even if you have no issues right now trust me you will. Simply maintaining the ability to train hard for many years to come is going to pay off more than anything else IMO.
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  17. I have good success with ageforce products. They have a bunch!! To my knowledge they are the only ones that have a delivery system via patch. Because they use a patch the test, NO creatine, B's etc get right into your system bypassing the gutt where 50% of what you are taking is eaten up by gastric acids. I am 61 and a 7 time world powerlifting champion and wouldnt support something thatr didnt work.

  18. that's cool you like that ageforce stuff.. but honestly... you buy any product from the top companies and they ALL offer some really great products.
    not everyone wants to lather up with their supps.
    im not knocking you, just sayin there are too many excellent supps out their to be tied to only one brand.
    i have several brands of different types of products at all times.
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