Hi Everyone:

I'm new to the board and wanted to get some thoughts and advice. I have worked out recreationally for a number of years through my life, gone up and down in weight, and played a variety of sports. In Jan. 2012 I made a commitment to want to get into shape and fitness again.

At 46 years old and 6’1 in height, I went from 301lbs in February 2012 to now 250lbs. through hard work and training. I am am revamping my training and have been eating mostly clean along with much protein. I also train 2 day on/1off/2 day on/ 2off with heavy. I have used alot of the traditional supps like pre-workout, fat burner, BCAA, Kre-Alkalyn, CLA & Omega-3. I use Whey Isoltate and Casien at night.

I now am looking to amp up to gain some more muscle before cutting up down the line. Not sure choices of Pro-hormones or what? Any advice and best avenue and what best product? I appreciate your thoughts and advice