Help please

  1. Help please

    I'm new to this and want to get big. Was wondering what I can take to help get bigger?

    I'm 34, 290 lbs, have high blood pressure. Have lost about 90lbs

    If anyone has suggestions let me know

  2. Quote Originally Posted by escalade View Post
    I'm new to this and want to get big. Was wondering what I can take to help get bigger?

    I'm 34, 290 lbs, have high blood pressure. Have lost about 90lbs

    If anyone has suggestions let me know
    Unless your sub 10% bf at 290 I don't think gaining weight is a good idea. That's a lot of weight to carry around and it wreaks hell on your heart. The high bp is a testament to the fact that your body is not in a healthy state. I suggest you keep dieting until you get to a healthy weight. How tall are you and what's your bf %?

  3. I don't really mean weight gain but more muscle. I'm 6'1.

    I don't really know much on this subject, I appreciate what anyone has to say!!!

  4. Well what do you have in mind? Like supplement info??

  5. Anything that will help shed some weight and gain muscle. I run 3 days a week and lift light weights 3 times a week also.

    I've lost over 75lbs and have been stuck forever!! Months! I've changed stuff up, done different things and nothing is really working.

    I'm lost and need help.

  6. Lift more. Light cardio after lifting. Something like Fat Smack by Purus Labs would help shed some weight and get you pumped for your workouts also. I went from 300lbs in 2009 to 192 last summer following this training idea with a solid diet high in protein.
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  7. And don't get discouraged. This forum is a wealth of knowledge all you need to do is search. Check out the nutrition and training sub forums for even more help.
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  8. Don't be afraid of heavier weights and some lower reps! One of the most overlooked fat burners is good old heavy compound lifts. Deads, squats, bench, power cleans, etc. these moves target you biggest (and many) muscles. Going heavier (say in the 6-10rep range) will help shock your body as well.

    The key here is that building muscle will also allow you to burn fat (even when you're not lifting!) more muscle means higher metabolism and higher metabolism means more fat burning.

    And don't neglect your diet! IMO this is the number 1 factor in any weight loss program. Calculate your tdee, check what you're eating against some of the common bb foods, post your diet in the nutrition section here for critique and have at it! Best of luck man
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  9. Are you counting calories? If so, what has changed between when you were losing weight and when you stopped? If not, you need to start.

    Also, have you considered some sort of intermittent fasting (e.g. Leangains)?

  10. With the high BP I would stay away from fatburners or any stims. Sounds like you on the right track just need to change something up. Either clean the diet up more or calorie count. If you cut cals too much for too long it will have opposite effects. Also a doctor visit to get full bloodwork done and check for hormonal imbalances or any deficiencies.

    Get that BP down and healthy as possible then look to fat burners. Also once the BP is down go harder on the Cardio....sprints and drills and such. If you want to slim while put on some muscle you have to go recomp style. Also sleep is very important.

    Sorry for the rambling. Hope it helps

  11. What kind of diet are u following? I had high bp a few years ago and switched to a low carb diet which I am still following Plus a garlic supplement and at a bw of 290 my bp is normal again. I also train 5 days a week with weights and do at least four sessions of cardio from 30-45 minutes. Hope this helps.

  12. SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract, 90 Vegetarian Capsules (With FULL 400 mg of Clinically-Proven Svetol per Capsule - The Gold Standard Pure Extract Proven in 8 Research Studies)

    I have used for two weeks and can not feel any CNS impact. I do feel an appetite control effect.


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