Hi Everyone,

This is my first post.

Thanks for having me!

First I'll tell you about my physical condition.

I am 45 years old.

I'm 5'10 and currently at 245lbs with a stocky build (wide shoulders, thick rib cage, normal from the waist down).

I have a "4 pack" at 200lbs, look "average at 220lbs", and I'm basically a fat blob at 245lbs (which is one of the reasons I'm here).

For most of my life I've put on muscle faster than others of my size, and also had greater strength than most others of my weight. I guess I was born with a "power lifter" physique (not bragging, I'd rather be thin and cut, and pay people to move my couches).

I have not been at 200lbs since I was 35 and have fluctuated between 220 and 250 since then.


Now for my goals...

I'm going to be really honest and blunt here.

I've been in a relationship that has been on the verge of failing for the last 4 years. I am pretty convinced it will not last through 2013.

At my age, I'm not finding a lot of women in their 40's+ that I'm attracted to, and I feel I should be getting into the shape required to well...attract women half my age since I will probably be in a position to be looking for someone like that soon.
Bottom line, I don't want to be the single old fat guy hitting on the apathetic bartender and going home alone.

Socially I am quite able. I have never had a problem attracting the women I was interested in using conversation and charm, and just being myself, but this was at a reasonable weight and build for my age. I feel now that I will have to up the game to compensate for the grey hair I'm starting to sport.

I am not looking to be a body builder, and in fact for most of my life I had to avoid routines that create bulk because my physique is one where I look like a bowling ball pretty quick if I'm not careful (without being tall, a lot of bulk makes me look round).
This may not be an issue now at my age and now I'm more willing to look big than I was when I was younger.

I guess what I'm saying is that I think I'm going to go for looking a bit "unnatural" in size and go for the girls who like that (not all do).

I also probably don't have the time to commit to a perfect lifestyle, nor can I be as healthy as is optimum.

At this time, I smoke. Don't even bother telling me I need to quit. I'll get to that at some point in the future.

I also am improving my diet, but it's still a "real world" diet. In other words, I eat pizza, and cook steak dinners, and go out to eat, but I've also added supplements and am getting a good multi-use protein shake (Spiruteen) for breakfast (I put ground coffee in it...yum!).

I'm just being honest and I hope you all can deal with that. There's no point in trying to pretend I'm going to live at the gym or eat a laboratory diet, or take more than a few enhancement products.

Some of my friends are in similar situations. They work out, they take supplements (anabolic and otherwise), and they look pretty good although I'm 10 years older than the oldest.

In the past I have taken HGH (for 6 months) but it has become unaffordable at this time.

I have begun weight training again (slowly), and I have just pinned 250mg of Test which I will do for 10 weeks, and then add 200mg of Deca at week 11. I have a 80 week supply at this rate and plan to "stay-on" indefinitely. With any luck I will be able to add HGH again during the year. During the year I might decide to up the dose so that it works out to a 52 week supply. Buying annually, and budgeting, and planning this way helps me more than tuning a perfect dose...if that makes sense. It's the only way I can devote the mental resource to actually stay on it. Simple stuff... two pins a week (Monday and Thursday) X 2 agents...etc.

This is my first time taking Test or Deca. My "advisors" say this is a pretty mild routine that should fall within safety limits and preclude the use of additional medications.

For working out, I can make the gym once or twice a week for maybe 2 hours per visit. I'll probably have to do a straight upper/lower split.
At home I have dumb bells, a treadmill, and a total-gym...and P90X (which is daunting because my body is not built for cardio).
I'll probably use this for an additional 2 days of home workout at approx' 1.5hrs per session (the length of a movie).

I can actually get pretty creative (and pretty sore) with that setup at home, but I'll lift heavy at the gym.

Anyway, that's me, and Hi!

Any advice is always appreciated!

All the Best