48 yr old - Low dose test + deca cycle

  1. Post 48 yr old - Low dose test + deca cycle

    Hi All,

    I'm interested in running a low dose test - deca cycle for a variety of reasons:

    1. Build muscle / burn fat, like everybody else should be (at least in my mind!)
    2. Get a bit of an HRT effect
    3. To get re-newed interest in disciplined training and diet

    I should say that my Test is generally good, especially for a 48 yr old, but I would like to see what it's like to jack it to higher levels.

    My anabolics experience is basically limited to orals, which I have run for 4-8 weeks, over the years. Familiar with PCT w/ HCG and Clomid, Adex. Have also had good luck using GHRPs / GHRHs, and reaped the benefits of GH in terms of fat burning, better skin, and sleep.

    I'm a lifelong gym rat (30 yrs in the gym), and have made some progress in the last few years using some PEDs, but more so because of a better focus on training and diet. In retrospect, I did many years of "body maintaining", but with this renewed interest, have been able to add size and strength. But I'm feeling stale in terms of desire to go and train hard. I think AAS should help that.

    So how to proceed?

    I plan to start real low, maybe 100mg Test E / wk, for 4 weeks, and ratchet it up to keep the gains moving. Maybe something like:

    Weeks 1 -4 120mg - Test E
    Weeks 5 - 8 150 mg - Test E, 500 iu HCG 2x / week
    Weeks 9 - 12 200 mg + 100mg DecaDurabolin , 500 iu HCG 2x / week. The Deca is meant to help with the inevitable joint discomfort.

    I would like to restore internal test functionality after this cycle, understanding that it will probably be alot more difficult than a short oral course. Will use my standard HcG, Clomid, Adex.

    I'm sure these doses look real low to most, but keep in mind that the only Test I've ever done has been from my own Testicles!
    For sure, I will throw in a bit of orals in the first few weeks to get things going, then drop the orals after 3 or 4 weeks, when I should be running exclusively on the Test-E.

    Your thoughts and comments, please. Anything that comes to mind regarding dose, length of cycle, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Others c an chime in, I am far from an expert. However, I will offer up my opinion fwiw.

    Your test dose in weeks 1-8 is more like a trt dose. It seems pointless to supplement your test at a level that will cause some shutdown, but not raise your t to supra physiological muscle building levels. I think I read that the min t dose for being on cycle is 300-400/ week.

    I am on trt at 130-140/ week. After 8 weeks of trt, I was well on my way to permanent dependence on external t. I did have a bump in my gym performance, but in retrospect, that bump was due to finally having normal t levels after being so low for so long.

    I you were in your late 20s, with good natural t, this cycle might do you some good provided you took measures to prevent/ mitigate shutdown. As it stands, I think you are setting yourself up for a really hard recovery and potential to lose any gains or even regress after the cycle.

    But then again, I know a 53 year old guy tested at 900 all natural t. If u r like he is, you might be ok.

    Just my $.02. Very interested to see what other guys have to say

    Good luck

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