One can never get too much MOTIVATION!

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  1. One can never get too much MOTIVATION!

    I joined AM over a year and a half ago and have jumped in on occasion to find some tidbits of information when Iíve needed it. I never really got too involved in any conversations or followed any logsÖuntil recently. I have to say Iím really impressed with this community. You guys motivate and inspire as well as teach what you know. Iím usually not one to post or really get involved because honestly, I never felt I had much to offer to a community like this. But after seeing the kind of motivation you guys provide, I thoughtÖI need me some of that!
    Iíve been involved with lifting weights since high school (20 years ago!). My dad held the Midwest regional championship title in powerlifting for 3 years (1970s) so Iíve been raised with a strong background in weight lifting. (Yes, my dad juiced but as he says, so did everybody! lol) Even though Iíve always had an interest in lifting Iíve never really been dedicatedÖI mean REALLY dedicated. The kind you need to see real results. Iíve attempted it in the past on different occasions but I never really had the cashflow one needs to effectively get dedicated, plus when you canít even pay your bills itís hard to tap into an Alpha mindset. But as of 3 years ago Iíve been remarried to a young, SEXY wife, have a new job and make plenty of moneyÖI can say my mind has definitely gone ALPHA! Now Iím ready to do what I need to in order to LOOK it!
    Anyway, Iíve been lifting pretty consistently for the past 2 years using fairly basic w/o plans (my dad had me on a powerlifting routine for about 6 months). My plan is to just start logging what Iíve been doing in the gymÖwhat supplements I take, what my diet consists of, observations Iíve madeÖand ultimately see what kind of feedback I get from the true Alphas!

  2. Hey man, that's awesome. With your mind set, there is no doubt you'll be able to accomplish what you are after. But, in reality it was probably always there, but for some reason you got in your head that you need money to be dedicated.

    I too started lifting right before my 18th birthday almost 21 years ago (yikes!). My dedication to the gym and nutrition was gained from my old man as well. Straight from Hungary, his old school, hard ass attitude comes from the life he lived (Special Forces, mob muscle, hardcore lifter). You could say that I never really had a chance. I've never done a steroid and my dad would have kicked my ass if he ever found out about it- it was simply eat (lots of meat and potatoes), sleep, and work hard. That, and I had to learn how to fight and defend myself.

    I think everyone here is on for a reason and that is to look and be the best we can, albeit for different reasons. Myself, I have always been competitive and wanted to be the strongest, sharpest, and most ready person in everything. My background is likely pretty different than most anyone on here growing up skating professionally, raced DH mtn bikes, semi-pro snowboarding, and now for the last 5-6 years just entering any fitness/endurance type competition I can find time for. Not the typical body building type mind set most around here have, but one of the strongest 5-6 guys in the gym regardless.

    Plus, how the hell else am I going to keep up with my two little girls that are full of energy and a wife that never stops?

  3. Lol...thanks for the reply! Just chuckled because I have 4 kids, 3 girls and a boy...and another on the way! So I definitely know what you mean by keeping up with your kids. Man, if I had that much energy I'd be able to take over the world, ha!

    I may have used lack of money as an excuse to not get dedicated...really though, I just wasn't happy with my life period.

    After I get out of my meeting this morning, I'm going to post up what I've been doing for the last 6 weeks and what my diet looks like.
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  4. Okay so my routine is like this:

    4:30am Drink ON Whey Protein w/ milk + Banana + Animal Stack + Animal Rage
    5:30 Musclepharm Creatine 5mg + Xtend + C4 Extreme (2 scoops)
    6:00 Workout
    7:00 Post-w/o supp (Torrent, Dark Matter) or ON Whey Protein w/ skim choc milk
    8:00am - 9:00pm Meals x 5
    10:00pm ON Casein Protein w/ 2% milk or 2 srvs Cottage Cheese

    Monday (Legs) - Squats, Leg Curls, Standing Calves
    Tuesday (off) - I'm off of work this day but sometimes will do light cardio
    Wednesday (Chest) - DB Incline Flyes, HS Incline Press, Cable X-overs
    Thursday (Back) - Deads, HS Iso-rows, Rev Pulldowns
    Friday (Shoulders) - Front DB raise, Lat DB Raise, Inc Rev DB flyes
    Saturday (Arms / Abs) - Machine Curls, Machine Extensions, Dec Crunch

    5'11, 183lbs, bf/calipers 14%

    My diet consists of 2500 calories a day but I probably take in more because I find myself eating more than what I have set up. And since my BMR is between 2200-2400 depending on what method is used...I figure as long as I'm getting at least the 2500+ I should be gaining fairly lean. Which I have been for the last 6 weeks so I'm happy. I've gained 8lbs since September after having cut for my wedding/honeymoon and bf has increased 2%...which I'm fine with. Macros are 238g Protein, 278g Carbs, 50g Fat (about a 3rd of each kind: sat, poly, mono).

    Today was supposed to be leg day but I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I usually don't have that problem but for some reason I was feeling very anxious. Stayed up until 1:00am so obviously wasn't going to try and get up in the morning to workout. Which, btw, I workout in the mornings because I work 8am-8pm most nights which usually ends up being later than 8, so I'm pretty much ready to just get home to my family at this point. Working out in the morning insures that I have time set aside to do it without interfering with family/relaxation time. So I'll be doing my leg workout tomorrow morning which is usually my day off anyway.

  5. What is your goal? I'm betting you would see great results with less accessory and isolation work with a concentration on big compound lifts. Not saying that what you are doing isn't working for you, but seems like a lot of extra time spent on "little" lifts.

  6. Like doing a flat bench instead of incline? Or Shoulder press instead of front delt raises?

    Oh, and currently my goal is to gain lean mass. I would like to gain another 5-10 lbs of muscle by March then cut to summer

  7. No, just seeing the leg curls, flys, cable x, raises, arm curls, etc.. I won't get into the debate on how effective these are, but they won't help you add serious mass- which 10lbs of muscle in 3 months is.

    When I want to add mass, I stick with nothing but big compound movements and then break that into a high rep/set med weight day and a low rep/med set and high weight day. I happen to be on a mass adding phase right now after running a lot of HIIT this summer. I do it every fall and winter for 4-5 months and pack on 8-10 lbs to get ready for the spring. I usually come out of winter around 215.

    Deads (regular and sumo), squats, bulgarian squats, SL (or romanian) deads, rows, flat bench, presses, cleans, weighted pullups/dips etc...

  8. That's awesome that you guys are same age as me and have little girls too! Mine is 11 and I too have been lifting since I was 17 now I'm 38. I have been on trt for about 5 months now and I was wondering if I decide I wanna have a baby later am I gonna be sterile if I come off of the trt?

  9. Another question kisaj, for guys our age is it still safe to do dead lifts stiff legged deals? I feel lots of pain for days after I dead so I was thinking of cutting then out.

  10. Sure they are safe, but if you don't feel comfortable with them, try Romanian instead. SL will work the hams more, but if you can't keep proper form (some guys I know can't get full ROM without putting a lot of curve in their back), then you could hurt yourself. I squat twice a week and on the heavy day, I do Romanian and on the high rep day, I do SL because I don't like to go real heavy- just get a nice stretch on my hams.

  11. Good Advice Kisaj, I know 10lbs of muscle in 3 months would be some major growth which is why I'm really looking for 5+...So you're saying that on legs day I should just do Squats and SLDLs? Whereas now I'm doing 3 sets of each exercise around 12-15 reps I should focus on those two exercises twice a day being light weight and the next going heavy? How is your week set up?

  12. In for this!
    Best of luck, and welcome to the boards.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by 1ifeblood View Post
    Good Advice Kisaj, I know 10lbs of muscle in 3 months would be some major growth which is why I'm really looking for 5+...So you're saying that on legs day I should just do Squats and SLDLs? Whereas now I'm doing 3 sets of each exercise around 12-15 reps I should focus on those two exercises twice a day being light weight and the next going heavy? How is your week set up?
    Do what works for you, please don't take this as me telling you that it is wrong. I just want to offer my opinion. This is my current:

    Day 1-
    Squats 1 x 12 @135
    1 x 10 @ 225
    1 x 6 @ 275
    1 x 6 @ 325
    1 x 4 @ 375
    1 x 10 @ 225

    Romanian DL 1 x 15 @ 135
    1 x 10 @ 185
    1 x 6 @ 225
    1 x 4 @ 275
    1 x 6 @ 225
    1 x 10 @ 135

    Calves (Standing) - I'll do the whole stack for 5 X 20
    Calves (Seated) 3-4 plates for 5 x 12

    Day 2 of legs (usually 4 days after)

    Squats 1 x 15 @ 135
    5 x 10 @ 225

    SL Deads 1 x 15 @ 135
    5 x 10 @ 185

    Then I will incorporate HIIT that day which usually includes sprints with sand bags, tire flips, and hill sprints.

    That is the leg day routine I have been on for a few months now. On a 3rd day, I will have a pull day with rows and deads (alternating sumo and regular each week), and a 4th day, I will have a push day. All 4 days in the gym, I end the workouts with weighted pullups and dips. On my other 3 days, I am doing something out of the gym like running, biking, etc.. All are full ROM, ATG squats, and very careful with form.

  14. Thanks todd...glad to be here!

    Kisaj- That's a strong workout, bud! I don't know if my cns could handle squats and deads on the same day...twice a week. I have a feeling your body is a bit more advanced than mine (i say "a bit" sarcastically lol).

    Currently I'm just trying to increase the weight on my exercises every workout. I started at 11-15 reps for 3 sets and over the course of 4 weeks am hitting a weight at 11-13 reps. Once I get to a weight that I'm only doing 6-10 reps I'll add another set. And again at 2-5 reps. I don't add another set though until I can't get even 1 set in that rep range. I haven't completed a full cycle of this yet but am very happy with the results so far. Mostly with the feeling of my joints and tendons which I accredit to starting with light weight for high reps.

    Unfortunately my schedule this week is all jacked up because my boss is on vacation and we normally run 3 guys in my dept and now only have 2, so I'm working longer hours and needing sleep. But everything will be back to normal on monday so I'll be able to hit the gym once more...i hate missing workouts but the added sleep has been nice lol!
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  15. Leg workout complete...well, sort of.

    Squats 185x12, 185x10
    Leg curls 75x15x3
    Standing calves 120x20

    My legs were extremely shaky during the squats. My last w/o I did the same weight for 12 reps on my last 2 sets after doing 175x15. And this time even though I felt strong moving the weight, my legs were just shaking almost out of control. Not only that but I got very light headed by rep 10. So I skipped my last set of squats. Leg curls were good, always get a good pump in my hams. By the time I hit calves I was completely depleted. Does missing a week really throw you off your game that much??

    The only thing I did differently that I can note is that I usually have a banana for carbs when I take my protein shake at 430 but we were out so I didn't. Really wasn't thinking it would make that much of a difference, but maybe.

    Any thoughts?
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  16. No, a week off doesn't do that, it was likely due to something else. Low blood sugar, not breathing right...

    It really would be good for you to at least add some warmup sets in if you are doing so few sets as is. Start with the bar and get good and low, then add some 25s and do the same and then start into your routine. You want to get the blood circulating and into the legs and then start throwing your weight on. You'll find that you'll be able to start adding more weight too.

    Also, please keep my suggestion of some dead work for your hams and glutes. Leg curls are crap by themselves and don't work everything. They are fine as a warm up or if you are isolating, but as an overall ham exercise, they come up short.

  17. As always, thanks for the advice Ki. I definitely warmup before doing a major compound exercise. First I'll squat all the way to the floor about 10 times, then use the bar, then 135 before I get to my working sets.

    I do deadlifts on back day. After I finish a cycle of my current routine I'm going to start implementing SLDLs on leg day.

    As far as the light headedness and fatigue goes, I don't know. I've never had issues with blood pressure. Actually it's always been really good. I'll just have to see if it persists. Do you think it could have something to do with the supps I'm taking?

    Legs are definitely sore today. Thankful that it's my day off so I don't have to do anything lol.
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  18. Chest day today...felt WAY better than monday! Good energy and focus...and today I had a banana before my w/o so I'll attribute it to that lol.

    Incline DB fly: 35x15, x12, x12
    HS inc press: 140x6, 130x6, 120x9
    Cable x-over: 65x17, x15, x17 (broke form for total failure)
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  19. GREAT STUFF MAN! Glad things are going well for you!
    Keep up the good work!

    I also love how motivation some members here are, love this community myself!

    LG Sciences Board Rep
    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, do not constitute medical advice, and are not official or authorized comments by LG Sciences, LLC.

  20. Thanks for the post Blergs! I've definitely received some good advice from Ki that I plan to implement into my routine. I'm always open for suggestions/criticism and I know I'm far from being an expert at this stuff so any knowledge or experience that can be passed along is greatly appreciated!
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by 1ifeblood View Post
    Kisaj- That's a strong workout, bud! I don't know if my cns could handle squats and deads on the same day...twice a week. I have a feeling your body is a bit more advanced than mine (i say "a bit" sarcastically lol).
    Let me give you a secret- L-citrulline. But, shhhh, don't tell anyone else about it.

  22. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving...I ended up slacking off for the rest of the week due to an over abundance of food, drink, late nights, and festivities. But I hit legs this morning and DAMN did I feel good! No shakiness our light-headedness. Felt focused on every rep and dug deep to get them.

    Squats: 185x12x3
    Leg curls: 80x15x3
    Calf raises: 240x15, x10, 120x15

    I actually felt like I could throw up after my workout. I never feel that way but my intensity was way up and I could tell I was really pushing myself. Looking forward to the rest of my workouts this week!
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by kisaj

    Let me give you a secret- L-citrulline. But, shhhh, don't tell anyone else about it.
    do you take that by itself or part of a supplement?
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  24. In on this! Relatively same stats just a little bit extra weight and bf. (185)14.9-15.2)

  25. Quote Originally Posted by 1ifeblood View Post
    do you take that by itself or part of a supplement?
    By itself. I was a huge Hemavol lover and decided to experiment with the ingredients on their own to see what I was getting the most out of- because I was going through tubs way too fast and it was getting expensive. In the end, it was either the agmatine or citrulline. The agmatine gave a good veiny look, but didn't help with endurance and power, plus there are little in studies to back it up in this manner. Citrulline on the other hand has a lot of studies showing how effective is and it is what I found increased power output and endurance by maybe up to 30-40%.

    For my own experiment, I did the Tough Mudder twice in the same weekend. The first time without and the second with. I should have been drained by all rights on the second day and I actually topped my finishing time by 24 minutes. Also, added it in before a century ride that I do every year. Demolished my previous times and actually ran a 5k the next morning with no soreness. I realize this is all open to many variables, but with the weight and power I've added in the gym since taking this, I am a solid believer.

    The best part is that there is no loading phase.


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