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    Hello, been a while since I posted an update. So my endo put me on Test C, however the pharmacy could not fill it so they changed to Depo. I understand that they are the same. She has me on 1 CC per week, however i am pinning on Tuesday and Sat with a .5 dose each. I feel that my levels are better, have a couple weeks until my blood work is done, but i am not getting the rush as many describe. My endo's nurse says that 1 cc is the highest level that i can do, is there reasoning behind this or is she not up to date? Any thoughts are welcomed. Thanks Jeff

  2. 1cc is a high TRT dose, and most people back down from that. If you go over, you are getting into cycle territory. Better to start lower, get labs, and work up to a level that keeps you test at the numbers your doctor wants to see and that make you feel good with no sides.

    If everything is in check, the "rush" is a mix of adrenaline from actually pinning yourself and then the following days it is aggression on higher doses. The "rush" isn't necessarily a good thing because it can mean your e2 is high.

  3. I think you are probably referring to the overall sense of well-being and motivation a lot of guys feel when they are at optimal hormone levels. Kis is right. I think that balance is a process and you'll get that rush. Just depends on your own individual levels and what not. Some get it quickly, and some it may take a couple months or even longer. That's just what I've deduced from reading lots of guys experiences

  4. Thanks for the replies. So I have my test set up for next week so i will see what the levels are. I am also going to have them check my est level. However my doc thinks she wrote the Rx incorrectly as they called and said it should be 1 cc over 2 wks vs the 1cc per week. I do feel better at the 1cc per week, no side issues except the labedo is still way low. So once i get the results back, i will let you know how they turned out. She also tells me i should only pin in my backside/upper hip area. What is your take on this? Thanks again to all. Jeff

  5. To also answer the rush question, it is the well being and drive during the course of a week. i pin on sat am and tues pm and it seems to keep me level for the week. I found that on the .5 cc when i pinned on only sat am, i was drained by Thursday. So i hate to step back but if that is what doc says then i guess i will. I use to use the Axiron gel and felt ok in the beginning but lost that feeling quickly after about a month or so. Plus the fact that it was to close to my family i decided to do the injections, which i like.



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