new pulse starting april 1st

  1. new pulse starting april 1st

    starting d-zine pulse on the 1st. Because of longer half life and in theory is safer on the liver and hpta than sd will be running 2weeks on 2weeks off for 6 two week pulses(12 weeks total). Will be running daa 3grams per day for entire cycle. Waiting on letro and nolva, planning on otc but with daa on cycle and gaps in pulse don't want to be defenseless if gyno from estro spikes arises. Will post starting weight and bf% on first day of cycle then update every 2weeks. Goals is 2-3% bf decrease with 10-15 lbs lbm. Doseing will be 15mg ed for first 2 weeks and may go up to 30mg for rest of pulse. Wish me luck

  2. starting weight 203lbs, bf 13-14%, will try to post pics shortly

  3. got research chems today. Cycle will consist of d-zine 2wks on 2 wks off. Daa everyday, fish and flax oils every day. Liv52 on off weeks and finaflex preworkout ignight on off weeks. Preferred pct will be formadrol/daa and what ever else I decide in 24 weeks from now(open to suggestions or critiques). Cycle starts in 4 days

  4. I'm interested in this one. I've done the same with dbol.

  5. cycle starts tomorrow. Workouts will be gvt on d-zine weeks, hit on off weeks. Basic goal of makeing lbm gains and retaining them on off weeks. Diet will be clean around 3600-4000 cals per day. Work provides cardio overkill so workouts will contain none. Will post updates every 2 weeks from this point unless questions are asked.

  6. Wanted to see if you have any updates on your cycle.


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