what is the earliest age you would consider....

  1. what is the earliest age you would consider....

    testosterone replacement therapy. after your twenties its all downhill. if your doing 2 cycles a year your basically doing it anyway but when would you consider never coming off.

  2. When my body no longer produces enough of it's own hormones to keep me virile and the levels drop below normal, then I would consider it. Certainly at 35 you should not need this.

  3. I'm 35 and through testing found my testosterone level to be 290. Thursday I underwent the testosterone implant procedure. In a few weeks I'll be retested to see where my levels have rebounded to. 35 is young, but I was tired of dragging ass everywhere all the time. A buddy suggested I get my hormone levels checked and sure enough I was below normal.

  4. I would say age is faily irrelevant, its all in the bloodwork.
    Remember why you started.

  5. Alot of things can contribute to low test levels or imbalanced hormone levels. If after figuring out why it's abnormal and doesn't improve then that would be the time regardless of age I think.



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