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    Yeah Road, I've added a couple of the routines to my regular lifting (cut back on the reps and upped the weight). Mainly just to get some variety and hit the muscles from different angles. Besides the ab ripper I've kept the push-up/pull-up routine as well. The program will definitely strengthen your core too...

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    Hey H2G, yeah I finished it (kicked my a$$ too). Went from about 14-14.5% BF (the original 17% reading wasn't accurate) to about 12.5% (averaged several different caliper measurement methods from the ACSM website). Weight dropped to about 183-184 lbs so I followed up with a 30 day cycle of Mass Caps, Trendadrol, and HD2 (and about half way through started an ECY stack). Got back up to 192 (that was about a month ago) but I've since settled in around 188 (mainly cause I've stayed on the ECY due to some really long hours on the job). In about 30 days I'll probably try a different cycle, cut the ECY. Can't complain really, BF is somewhere between 11% and 12%. Sticking with the Ab Ripper X tho, makes for some nice definition. Good program, plan to do it again after my bulk cycle, see if I can cut the BF down another percent or two but get my mass back up to around 195 (I'd go for more but it's too freakin hot to eat that much, lol). FWIW, my li'l bro and his wife do the cardio version of the program and they've both lost quite a bit of weight. Works well if your diet is clean.
    Awesome! Personally, I was out of the gym for about 3 months due to spending most of my time riding my bicycle again with my local club. But I got so damn frustrated for losing all of my gains I made over the winter that I am now back in the gym. My goal will be to put on about 15-20lbs by next spring and then perhaps jump on the P90X program to rip it all up. I would ideally like to end up back at my current weight of 175 but much harder and bigger in general. Long road ahead of me to say the least.

  3. Oh, did you order it directly from the company or did you pick it up off ebay or something? I have read alot about their poor customer service and people having problems with shipping and all sorts of crap. Did you order a pull up bar, make one or go without one? Just curious. I am thinking about making one since we have a drop ceiling in the basement. I already have a lat tower down there with all my equipment but prefer to do chins first and then burn out on pull downs.
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    H2G, yeah direct from BeachBody. No problems with shipping or anything. Their supplements are overhyped and overpriced so I didn't bother with them. Bought an Iron Gym pull-up bar, works well in the door frame (still using it and it's held up well even though it looked cheap.) Would have used my old soloflex for pull-ups but the dvd player is in the house and my serious weights are in the garage, so it worked out okay. Sounds like you have a decent plan though, I went through the same thing.. got all cut but lost mass so this time I'll bulk first (clean tho) and then run the program again to cut. I'd like to get to around 9 - 10% BF at 195. Figure I can get there by next spring as well.

  5. i went through beachbody as well, skip the supplements. all you need is the basics. dvd's and your own time. i mix my own workouts in as well when i get bored looking at tony lol, but p90x is the real deal.



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