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      Categories: Training

      by Menno Henselmans T-Nation

      Here's what you need to know...

      •  Contrary to some naysayers, your calves have significant growth ...
      Categories: Supplements, Research

      by Will Brink Brinkzone

      “The human body is an infinitely complex, but wholly logical system” – Will Brink

      Back in the day I wrote the ...
      Categories: Training

      by Cassie Smith Bodybuilding . com

      You don't need to be a Spartan Race junkie, a competitive CrossFitter, or an Ironman champ to want to push your body ...
      Categories: Training

      BY MICHAEL ISRAETEL Juggernaut

      If any bodybuilding recommendation was ever to be considered universal, surely “squat to get big legs” would be a top ...
      Categories: Training

      by Cade Thomas Iron Magazine

      Bodybuilders are extremists. It just comes with the territory. The desire to transform your body into an overbearing sack ...
      Categories: Nutrition, Weight Loss

      By Bob Kupniewski Athletic Xtreme

      As time evolves many individuals are always looking for the easy fix on how to shed those extra pounds, what will work ...
      Categories: Training

      By Greg Merritt Flex

      Here’s some free advice for anyone thinking of creating a training system. Get a current or future Mr. Olympia to do it, and hope ...
      Categories: Research

      From Ergo Log

      A protein rich weight-loss diet, in which thirty percent of the energy is derived from proteins, works better than a traditional slimming ...

      By Elle Penner HuffPo

      I admit I was late to join the coconut oil craze but it's quickly become a staple in my pantry, and not just because it's delicious. ...

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