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  1. 7/21

    7/21 - Upper body (emphasis on pull)

    1 scoop Green MAG / 1 scoop GlycerGROW / 3 caps Incarnate

    6x6 BB rows
    6x6 OH Press
    6x6 Weighted WG Pullups

    Well I ended up training. I was eager to jump into the heavy weight. The OH Press did a number on my shoulder, but in a good way. I was pretty burnt out from the first two exercises...I love the heavy weight. I did Rippetoe's for a while and saw excellent gains. The squatting 3x week isn't for me though lol

    Post workout
    20g protein isolate + cheeseburger + 3 incarnates

    This song pumps me up!

  2. 7/23

    7/23 - Push / Upper Body

    1 scoop of GM + 1 scoop of PW + 3 Incarnates + 1 scoop WF

    2 sets of Bench warmup
    5 sets of Bench 5 reps
    2 sets of Skullcrushers warmup
    5 sets of Skullcrushers 5 reps
    5 sets of 10 Weighted Dips

    Post workout
    Golden FinisH + 3 caps of incarnate


  3. Any weight gain?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Any weight gain?
    Yup only 2lbs though. I'm waiting for the beach weather to end so I can really eat!!! izza:

  5. I'll be posting my workout later once I convince my partner to do a HIT workout. Thanks for the good idea Volcom!

  6. 7/25

    7/25 - Whole body HIT

    1 scoop GM + 1 scoop White FLOOD

    ***each set taken to complete FAILURE
    1 set of Bench press
    1 set of BB rows
    1 set of deadlifts
    1 set of lateral raises
    1 set of BB curls
    1 set of Dips
    1 set of Chins
    1 set of Leg raises

    We did a HIT with a hammer full body. Most sets were taken to complete failure via a spotter and rest pause methods. Very taxing and i'm VERY tired right now.

  7. Refresh me but with HIT do you rest between sets? How long did that workout take?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Refresh me but with HIT do you rest between sets? How long did that workout take?
    It took about 40 minutes. You do rest, the sets take alot out of you!
  9. 7/27

    7/27 - Legs & Arms

    1 scoop GM + 1 scoop White FLOOD + 3 caps Incarnate

    5x5 Squats
    5x7 weighted dips
    5x7 BB curls
    5x10 Reverse DB curls
    5x10 tricep kicks

    My workout partner wants to do a more traditional BB split and I told him I was down for changing it up. basically a legs/arms/back/chest/shoulders type of split. Like I said in the beginning, it's an erratic log lol. This was our first day of doing arms. I threw in some squats at the beginning because legs have been neglected this week. It was fun training arms, I've been doing a push/pull/legs split for so long, that maybe this change will induce some new growth.



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