e30Kat's Log piece with the Recomped IGF-2 Drive goes

  1. Cool e30Kat's Log piece with the Recomped IGF-2 Drive goes

    Hi everybody, first off I'll introduce myself and give a little background. My name's Mike, I'm over here on the east coast in PA, and am usually very very busy with either work, school, gym, the gf, cars, or my bike. Sometimes soccer gets in there too. So now that school is out, it's time to hit the gym hard again and get addicted like I used to be right around the time the gf came into the picture.

    Anyway, I've been lifting seriously for about a year and a half now. Ever since then I've cut a lot of crap out of my diet and I immediately felt and saw the difference. When people say diet means everything - they aren't lying.

    I'd also like to make it clear that THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED LOG. This is merely to keep a personal (or not so personal) log of what i've done and where I'm going. It will include my workouts, my dosing, and hopefully most of my diet - it's just hard to always write everything down!!

    Although I'm already a week into my cycle, I should really take better before pictures for later comparison. A week in is still pretty much pre-loading IMO and there are no noticeable differences YET - but I snapped an extra pic or two while taking my avatar pic a couple hours ago. So here are some pics, and my next post will detail my split, and log my workouts from the past week.

    These are more than 2 full days out from my last workout, so I'm definately cold. Lighting isn't the best but... you GET THE PICTURE!!!

    ~5'9"/5'10" 173ish lbs. I'm guessing around 9% body fat, but it's purely a guess and I could be way off.

  2. My Ultimate Goal is to be 190-195 @ 5-6% bf. I'll be there soon, but never soon enough!

    Short term goal is to get as close to my UG as possible. Although it can be argued that the term is contradictory, I want to lean bulk - I never want to be more than 10 or 11% body fat... EVER!!

    I was a tester back in the day for IGF-2 and the original Neovar for two other forums when Applied Nutriceuticals first came out. Unfortunately it was only for 4 weeks and although I had good results I promised myself if I were to do it again I'd do it for at least 8 weeks. So here we are one year later.

    Anyway, I first introduced Drive into my system by itself since I have never had any exposure to it before. 1 cap AM on MONDAY, May 20th. 3 pm same day. No sides or the ****s or anything, so 3 AM on the 21st, and when I got home from work my Neovar Recomped had finally arrived! Time to start the stack!! 3 caps Drive, 3 IGF-2 45 min PWO, 3 Neovar post.

    Dosing is now

    Upon waking up:
    ____3 caps Drive
    ____3 caps IGF-2

    With breakfast as close to 45 min later as possible: 4 Neovar

    45ish min Pre-Workout:
    ____3 caps Drive
    ____3 caps IGF-2

    Immediately PWO with meal: 4 caps Neovar

    ~1hr before bed: 3 caps IGF-2

    Still working out the shakes and what kind of protien that will be in addition to my protein consumed in my diet.

    My usual split used to be:

    Mon: CHEST
    Tues: BACK
    Wed: LEGS
    Fri: BI's/TRI's
    Sat/Sun: off
    Abs: 3 sets everyday

    now that i have a new partner, the days are different and slightly different order - but the muscle groups are the same. Abs will now only be hit 2x/wk, but hard.

    Tuesday May 21, 2008

    - Incline BB
    135x15 15,
    185x8 8,
    205x6 6,
    225x4 4

    -Flat BB
    135x15 15,
    185x8 8,
    205x6 6,
    245x4 3

    -Incline Fly
    35x15 15,
    40x12 12,
    45x10 10,
    50x8 8

    -Decline (HammerMachine)
    #plates ea. side
    2 plates x 15 15,
    3 plates x 8 8,
    3 & 1/4 plate x 6 3,
    3 & 1/4 palte x 4 7, <--seemed like too long a rest between if you're wondering.
    2 plates x rep 9

    -Upper Chest Raises (don't know exact name but it's what I call them. DB perpendicular to stomach. move across front of body, palm up, raise and push toward opposite shoulder)
    20x20 my first time doing these so didn't know what to expect/attempt. just went with the flow and got a damn good burn. hurts like hell

  3. I have the log up to date in my little notebook, just need to catch up and get it on here. This will do for today though, just needed to get it started already!

    Any and all comments, opinions, and/or suggestions welcome!

  4. So, any updates?

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